Battle of Vukovar: Rain of Steel Early Game Access Available on Steam

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Steam screenshot
Steam screenshot

As Index writes, Battle of Vukovar: Rain of Steel is a first-person strategic war game on a realistic map of Vukovar and its surroundings in the 90s. “Join the historic battle for Vukovar at the end of the 20th century through multiplayer combat. Play in teams choosing one of the five modes or outside the team in a free for all mode. Accomplish your goals using real weapons from the war while moving through an accurate simulation of the city map”, reads the game’s description on Steam.

The Battle of Vukovar game was developed and released by Cro Game Developers, and they announced it in 2021. Two years ago, they stated the game would be played in the first person, and they claimed that it would be possible to take on the role of real people from the Homeland War and the first mission would feature nineteen-year-old Luka Andijanić and the legendary story of him shooting two planes down.


Battle of Vukovar: Rain of Steel, Steam screenshot

Good and constructive reviews 

The game has collected its first reviews on Steam and some go so far as to give it the potential to reach the strongest shooter of today, Call of Duty, while others point out the shortfalls and provide constructive criticism. All in all, there is a lot of support for the team and the game itself. Here are some of the impressions:

“This game has good potential, hopefully it can be a new call of duty 2 successor. For early access, some things are okay, but there needs to be a lot of changes already. UI is totally bad, looks like it was made in the early 2000, auto sniper is 2 shot kill no matter where you aim as far as I saw, so aiming for the head does the same exact thing as shooting the body, you will need 2 bullets anyway, pistol range needs to be optimized and recoil added, you should be able to shoot through windows (why can’t you, it’s a normal thing?), you should add a dynamic spawn, for example, if enemies are already in your spawn point, you will continue spawning and getting spawn killed, that needs to be changed, jump height needs to be increased in my opinion, there are boxes that look like they’re smaller than the height of your legs, but you can’t jump on them, no matter how hard you try”, Reflexbull points out.

“The current state of the game is not really pre alpha access more like something even earlier than that. It is not necessarily bad or anything it just needs a lot of work from this point onward. I don’t think it’s worth 10 euros currently but if it does help the developers and you want to support them sure go ahead, just don’t expect something special in the current state”, reports the user Bojovnik. 

“This game has big potential. I support new developers in his game and in the first hour and looks interesting. Just keep working and this gonna be my favorite game”, wrties Dul3.

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