Shopping Online in Coronavirus Isolation? Some Helpful Links

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As Grazia writes on the 20th of March, 2020, many measures are currently circulating around about how best to take care of yourself and others during the coronavirus pandemic, and among them is to minimise going out, and if you can – to minimise going to buy groceries.

In order to do this and at the same time contribute to the development of the domestic economy, here are some useful Croatian platforms that offer online delivery, while at the same time in the range, among other things, offer products from Croatian OPGs and domestic products.

GARDEN (all of Croatia)

With over a decade of experience, Garden is also synonymous with organic food delivery to many. Garden’s team is made up of experts on organic production, with one mission: to bring the highest quality eco products to every Croatian table at affordable prices for everyone.

“Our eco products have an environmental certificate that guarantees organic origin, including our own Garden and Superfood brands, which can be found to be of the same high quality at the lowest prices in Croatia,” they say on their page.



Now that it is essential in the cold and flu season to nourish and work on boosting immunity, Greencajg is a great source of eco and healthy foods that wants to support all those who said no to pesticides, GMOs, fertilisers, and any food that could be a health hazard at all. The products you can find are the result of the collaboration of local certified OPGs that grow organic and healthy products, and you will find a wide selection of them for your daily needs of vegetables, fruit, cereals, oils, cosmetics, and much more – all of which having been produced in a natural and healthy way. The Healthy and Homemade Eco-Food Store itself is located at Heinzelova 4, near Kvaternik Square.



Nature and society is a bio-commerce where certified bio-products can be purchased, including organic food, gluten-free products, natural nutritional supplements, face and body care products, bread and pastries, housekeeping items and even literature to motivate positive change. In their bio-commerce, they hold a large range of top-quality eco-products from renowned European and Croatian manufacturers. They also offer seasonal fruit and vegetables from Croatian OPGs with bio-certification.



This company has been acquiring loyal customers for eight years and has become one of the favourite addresses to go to for lovers of fresh fruit and vegetables. They cooperate with domestic producers from all over Croatia and complement it with a range of EU-sourced goods.



This is a small family business, which has long been involved in fishing and all things fish. It places special emphasis on fresh and local produce. The fish comes from all parts of the Croatian Adriatic, but mostly from Mali Lošinj, which is known for its top quality white fish.

Visit their Facebook page here.

SUPERDANKO.COM (all of Croatia)

Superdanko is made from all-natural ingredients; peanuts, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, flax, cold pressed sunflower oil, Himalayan salt, honey or maple syrup in a vegan variant. It appears as a fine, smooth spread, and also in a crunchy version. This unique spread provides a myriad of combinations. In addition to being eaten on a spoon (one tablespoon can replace breakfast and keeps you going for a few hours), it is excellent in combination with various jams, on bread, on pancakes, added to smoothies, but also to soups, stews, sauces… There’s nowhere Superdanko wouldn’t fit in the kitchen.



This catering and cooking service is fully adapted to the current coronavirus situation, so it will focus all its resources on producing a range of premium semi-finished meals with a shelf life. The most popular dishes will be packed in jars and vacuum packs, and they will continue to be delivered in the form of meals with a shelf life, and you’ll still be able to take them to work if you’re not self isolating, or consume them at home. In addition, they introduced contactless delivery. This means that they encourage credit card payments and bank account payments. They will ring the doorbell or message you that they have arrived and place the ordered products in front of the door.


PLAC.HR (Zagreb) is engaged in the retailing of fresh fruit, vegetables and local products. They also have exotic fruits on request. The goal of the company is primarily to promote local products and local smaller producers, so you can find everything from chocolate, oils, spices, pastas, jams, and various spreads to beer, sauces and various juices.



Mali Plac brings together interesting gastro stories, showcasing smaller domestic producers and boasting a sustainable philosophy, exploring food sources, discovering new foods from local farmers, connecting producers and buyers without the middle man, supporting valuable initiatives, bringing the community together around the table and boosting the local economy. With a focus on indigenous and naturally grown Croatian products, Mali Plac has gathered more than 500 small local producers under its umbrella, and has been delivering to homes for some time now. What you need to do if you want healthy, fresh and checked foods every week is to sign up. You can do this by writing to [email protected] with the note ”Delivery information”, after which you will be notified of the details and the grocery list. Then, every Thursday, your order will arrive at your address. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?



BurzaHrane is a specific specialised portal that connects buyers and manufacturers across Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria and the rest of the EU. Manufacturers, you can place your ad, buyers, you can choose from many food categories. Various herbs, spices, mushrooms, eggs, meat, dairy products, various drinks, fish, cereals and more are available.



One of the most popular stores and online platforms offers over 3000 healthy and organic products at what they say is the “most affordable price in Croatia”. There, you will find everything from seeds, legumes, cereals, flour, pasta, sweet and savory supplements, oils, spices, sauces… all the way to baby food and more.


BIO BIO (all of Croatia)

Bio & bio’s eco-products stores are recognised for their proven and high quality assortment of completely natural products and a large selection of certified organic brands from both Croatian and international producers. The bio & bio store offers more than 4,000 natural and certified organic products in its food and beverage category, as well as nutritional supplements, organic cosmetics and even organic household maintenance products which are subject to strict quality controls and possess all of the relevant certifications.


MILK BAR (Zagreb)

Milk bar is a brand belonging to the Mario Krog family farm from Gornja Pačetina near Krapina, which officially started operating back in 2016. They produce yoghurts made from cow and goat milk every day, but they also have a line of sweet yoghurts without additives and extra cinnamon and acacia honey. Since last year, they offer fruit desserts of yogurt in the flavoors of figs, cherry maraska and bitter mandarin in collaboration with the brand Sinjorina Smokva from Zadar. All products are packaged in 0.2, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7l glass containers and they are zero waste mini yoghurts. Delivery only covers the Zagreb area and several addresses near the farm, every Wednesday, and packages can be ordered by Tuesday.


FINO.HR (all of Croatia) is an online store selling natural homemade food. It started operating back in May 2010 and was then the first online store of its kind in all of Croatia. In addition to the online point of sale, all of the products on offer can also be purchased at the physical store at Kninski trg 7 – Zagreb, in an area of the city called Vrbik. It’s a place where you can find and buy a variety of foods produced by small family-owned producers and growers. Most of them also have an EKO label (eco-label), which means that the food was grown on soil that hasn’t been treated with chemicals.


SPAJZ (Osijek)

“Spajz” is a small restaurant in Osijek and a health food store, which in addition to the usual products, offers a healthy fresh breakfast, lunch or dessert in a jar! A family runs the farm and most of the ingredients in the jars are completely domestic. You can buy them on their website.



Buyers from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Belgium order top-quality products from Croatian OPGs to their doorstep via this website. Finoteka’s specificity is that fruit and vegetables aren’t stored, but function on a “field to table within 24 hours” principle. This literally means that some fruits or vegetables that you just read about are growing in someone’s garden in Croatia right now, and tomorrow the package of those products is going to be delivered to your doorstep. Their delivery is as good on the islands as it is on the mainland. They say the quality of service, or the speed of delivery, is the same whether you live in the city or the most remote of places.


ZDRAVI PINKLEC (Zagreb and the surrounding areas)

Zdravi Pinklec was born from the idea that everyone should be able to consume fresh food, regardless of whether they work all day long, so they don’t need to merely rely on knowing someone who has a “grandmother in Zagorje, an aunt in Slavonia or a neighbour from Lika” in order to be able to access it. Fresh, seasonal ingredients of Croatian origin are thus available to anyone who wants them via this website. Every Sunday, a newsletter is sent to all members of the Zdravi Pinklec community, listing all the foods. You can send your orders by Tuesday evening and delivery day is Friday.


UBERIOVO (all of Croatia) is an online store that chooses the right home-grown food for you, whenever possible, from organic farms. See what they’ve got on offer, pick up some organic vegetables and fruit, order your vitamin dose every week and put a spring in the step of Croatia’s many eco farmers. Recently, they have complemented their offer with imported biocertified products that aren’t otherwise available on the domestic eco market, to ensure a complete selection of the healthiest foods. Imported organic products include the word “bio” or “organic” in their names, while the domestic ones are “organic”. All three characteristics indicate eco-farming products that are under the close supervision of the authorised monitoring stations, and their use depends only on the established legislation of each country. The ordered goods are delivered to your doorstep. Delivery to Rijeka and its surroundings is on Saturdays and deliveries take place on Thursdays for the rest of Croatia.



If you’re from Pula and you want to eat healthier, homemade organic food, this is the website for you while coronavirus keeps you locked up. By regularly buying locally produced organic produce, you don’t only do a lot for the health of your family, but you also support the development of eco-farming. Broskva delivers freshly harvested eco foods and Croatian organic produce from the fields of local OPGs right to your doorstep.


ECEKER.HR (Osijek and the surrounding settlements)

This website enables manufacturers to enter the market on a group basis, and enables buyers to have high-quality food delivered right to their doorstep. Fruit, vegetables, honey, nuts, meats, bread products, oils and more.



Need fresh homemade ingredients right from a plot of local land and live in the Varaždin area? Choose from a large range of foods you can find on Varaždinski plac and it will be delivered right to your doorstep. Please contact +385 42 320 956 or [email protected].

Delivery is exclusively in the area of ​​Varaždin, and the delivery price is 20 kuna, while for the pensioners it is 15 kuna. Orders received before 11:00 are delivered the same day, while orders received after 11:00 are delivered the next morning from 08:00 onwards.

TABLE/TRPEZA (Dubrovnik)

The service is based on the need for organic, locally grown foods that meet all the right standards. Whether you create your own grocery list and want to pick it up on the go, or you need inspiration for your next meal at your doorstep – you will find a package for yourself at Trpeza.


AZZRI (Istria)

The Agency for Rural Development of Istria (AZRRI) has come to the conclusion that these days of the coronavirus crisis, that they can help deliver food to Istrian households and offer them their well-known products, which until now have been mainly delivered to high-end restaurants that are now closed. The Agency for Rural Development of Istria from Pazin will, depending on the quantities available, supply fresh meat from Istrian cattle and boars to citizens of Istria County. There will be two types of family packages on offer, large and small, which will be delivered to citizens every Thursday, and more often if necessary. The smaller family package weighs about six pounds, and contains three smaller packages of two pounds each, full of Istrian ingredients. The price of a small package is 430 kuna or 72 kuna per kilogram (VAT included).

Orders are received every day from 07:00 until 15:00 until Wednesday at the official contact email: [email protected] or via the contact number: 052 351 570. In order to receive a small or large package, you’ll need to specify the delivery address and the contact telephone number.


The Don Vito Butchery was established back in 1998. It offers a wide range of meat products based on domestic, high quality and HACCP standards. For all orders over 400 kuna, they offer free delivery in the City of Zagreb, and all categories of meat can be ordered.



This establishment has amassed a lot of loyal customers. Their offer is based on domestic, high quality meat and meat products. In their business, they apply and implement the HACCP system and the rules that it defines. Meat and product delivery service is provided from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 14:00 right to your doorstep. On Saturdays and Sundays there is no delivery and the minimum amount for delivery is 400 kuna. Deliveries are made in the wider centre of Zagreb or by appointment.


FOODIN.IO (Zagreb)

The team behind has customised their website and app to allow people to have groceries delivered to their doorstep as soon as possible. Here, you will find all the essential ingredients you need such as meat, vegetables, fruit, various spices, sauces, pastas… In short, an offer that can be found in large retail chains.


ŠPAJZA (Rijeka)

The citizens of Rijeka will, upon visiting Špajza’s website, find a lot of things, from flour, juices, sprouts, fruit, oil, vinegar, various spices, coffee, teas, dairy products, detergents and much more. The products are offered in bulk.



If your palate craves a premium gastronomic experience, MM Kantina offers free delivery of premium food in the Zagreb area. Various wines, lamb chops, veal chops, Italian and Spanish delicacies and more.


Follow our dedicated section for rolling information and helpful updates about coronavirus in Croatia.


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