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March 13, 2020 – There are 32 confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Croatia. Foreign nationals entering Croatia from infection hotspots will be subject to a 14-day quarantine, while a 14-day self-isolation is required for Croatian citizens.

Information on countries and areas under travel restrictions for passengers arriving in Croatia can be found here (courtesy of Croatia Airlines and updated March 12).

New Information for Passengers Entering Croatia

1) All foreign nationals entering the Republic of Croatia having visited the following countries/territories in the previous 14 days:

  • Italy
  • Iran
  • China (Hubei province)
  • South Korea (Daegu city and Cheongdo province)
  • Germany (Heinsberg county in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia)

will be subject to compulsory 14-day quarantine at their own expense.

2) All foreign nationals entering the Republic of Croatia having visited the following countries/territories in the previous 14 days:

  • France
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Germany (except area listed above)
  • Austria
  • Great Britain
  • Netherlands
  • China (except area listed above)
  • South Korea (except area listed abouve)
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Bahrein
  • Slovenia (area Bela Krajina)

will be subject to compulsory 14-day self-imposed isolation. Foreign nationals that do not have residence in the Republic of Croatia must have evidence of booked accommodation.

3) All Croatian citizens entering the Republic of Croatia who have visited countries/areas listed in 1) and 2) will be subject to compulsory 14-day self-imposed isolation/quarantine.

*Follow this page for updates on the coronavirus in Croatia from Total Croatia News. Contact numbers for epidemiologists, travel advisories and measures for preventing the spread of the coronavirus can be found here.


Thirty-Two Coronavirus Cases in Croatia

As of March 13, 2020; thirty-two coronavirus (COVID-19) patients have been reported in Croatia: 13 in Zagreb, 8 in Rijeka, 4 in Varaždin, 6 in Pula and 1 in Petrinja (Numbers on map updated).

  • The first patient from Zagreb became infected during his stay in Italy. The two other patients are close contacts. The fourth patient recently returned from a ski trip in Austria. The fifth patient is a hairdresser and recently came back from a conference in Munich. Five new cases were confirmed Wednesday and Thursday and returned from trips to Austria and Germany. Three more cases were confirmed on Friday: a child, a soldier and a contact of the soldier.
  • A patient from Rijeka became infected during his stay in Italy. Several other patients had contact with the first patient. The total number of cases is now eight.
  • The first patient from Varaždin spent time in Italy. The second case is a truck driver who had been in Italy and was in preventative self-isolation. The third and fourth cases are close contacts of the driver.
  • Six patients in Pula had returned from Italy.
  • The first confirmed patient from Petrinja  returned from Italy.

More than 5,397 people are dead from the virus, which originated in Wuhan City, China; and over 144,078 cases have been confirmed globally. There are 63,263 cases outside of mainland China and 17,660 in Italy. 

UPDATED: March 13, 2020 19:00 CET (Central European Time)

Croatia National Civil Protection Headquarters Update

The daily press conference of the National Headquarters for Civil Protection was held at 16:00 CET. Croatian Health Minister Vili Beros reported a new case of the coronavirus. Another coronavirus case was detected as of this morning, so there are now 32 cases in Croatia.

Still No Signs of Local COVID-19 Transmission

“He is close contact with an earlier infected person, we still have no signs of local transmission,” Beros noted. He added that 553 samples are currently undergoing tests, 15 are awaiting results and 5991 people are being monitored.

Director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic “Dr. Fran Mihaljevic” Alemka Markotic said the new infected person had mild symptoms.

“All other recommendations remain, control and self-discipline are essential for us to tackle this (outbreak) together,” she added.

At the conference, they also said that the police were investigating whether a person who had been at Klaiceva (Children’s Hospital Zagreb) although they had the coronavirus. However, because of their state of health, the investigation was not completed.

Barracks at Črnomerec Closed Due to Surveillance

Index learned today that the barracks at Črnomerec were closed for several hours, no one was permitted to leave, and an epidemiological surveillance was carried out.

“No soldiers have the coronavirus, however the contact of one of the soldiers is coronavirus positive. No quarantine was introduced at the barracks at Crnomerc, but an epidemiological service is in progress. They are conducting all scans to see if a coronavirus positive contact with people in the barracks, “HZJZ Director Krunoslav Capak told Index. There are hundreds of soldiers and staff in the barracks at Črnomerec.

Croatia and Regional Daily Updates

(Updates provided by Index)

17:15 – Recommendations for nightclubs in Zagreb have been published.

17:05 – A statement was issued from Klaiceva stating that people should behave appropriately. The day before yesterday, a man with the coronavirus came with a baby.

17:00 – Croatia Airlines cancels numerous flights.

16:33 – In a statement, the City of Zagreb announced that one child from kindergarten was infected.

“It has been confirmed that a coronavirus has infected one child from a kindergarten in Zagreb. The decision was made to close the facility for 14 days, and that 119 children must go into self-isolation, as well as 16 employees are obligated to take,” the statement read.

16:23 – A part of the media reported that the first child infected with coronavirus has been reported in Croatia. At a press conference, they did not want to confirm this by calling for the privacy of the infected family. It is reportedly a kindergarten child.

16:20 – At the press conference at 16:00 CET, it was announced that another coronavirus-positive person was in Croatia. One soldier was also confirmed to be infected.

15:15 – Pavle Kalinic commented on Milanovic’s statement about panic and going to shops on N1 television.

14:45 – “Regarding your inquiry, you will receive information on that subject at a press conference of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia today at 16.00 CET,” the Ministry of Defense told Index about what is happening at the Črnomerec barracks.

14:40 – Zagreb nightclub H2O will not be open this weekend.

“The health of all of us comes first and we believe that by working together, following the Centre’s instructions, together we can help improve the health situation (regarding the spread) of the coronavirus,” the club’s Instagram page stated.

14:15 – GLAS MP Anka Mrak Taritas said the health team was doing a good job regarding the coronavirus in Croatia and called on the government to come up with concrete measures to help the economy.

14:13 – Pharmacies in Croatia have run out of prescription syrup for fevers.

14:12 – Numerous bus routes from Croatia abroad have been canceled.

14:08 – “No soldiers have the coronavirus, however a contact of one of the soldiers is coronavirus positive. A quarantine was not introduced at the barracks at Črnomerec, but an epidemiological survey is underway there. They are conducting scans to see if the person who is positive for the coronavirus was in contact with other people in the barracks,” HZJZ Director Krunoslav Capak told Index. There are hundreds of soldiers and staff in the barracks at Črnomerec.

14:00 – By noon, eighty people who have entered Croatia from a European area at high risk of coronavirus infection have been placed under the medical supervision of Karlovac County Public Health Office by noon and are required to report to an epidemiologist.

13:50 – Numerous events around the country are canceled or delayed.

13:40 – President of the Independent Union of Secondary School Employees Branimir Mihalinec, in a letter to Education Minister Blazenka Divjak, opposed the recommendation that children be kept in school facilities in light of the coronavirus infection, but argued that childcare should be provided on the premises of local boards.

13:30 – According to the decision of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, all forms of teaching and placement for full-time and part-time students of the Josip Jovic Police School, of the High Police are canceled at the Police Academy beginning Monday March 16 for 14 days. Seminars, courses and other forms of professional development are also postponed.

13:25 – Three coronavirus infected persons in the County of Primorje-Gorski Kotar are members of the extended family of the first patient.

13:22 – City swimming pools and second-hand fairs are closing in Varaždin, all large gatherings of citizens are canceled, and some institutions will be working shorter hours. These are among the measures announced by the Varaždin City Civil Protection Headquarters.

Therefore, from Sunday, March 15, visitors to the Varaždin City Pools will close, the sale of second-hand goods will not be held at the old Banfica fairgrounds, and all major citizens’ gatherings, concerts, theaters and cinemas will be canceled.

The city administration recommends that all public services minimize the need for citizens to come and carry out work which can be delayed, and arrange for citizens to arrive at counters in the payment area one-at-a-time while others wait outside the building.

13:20 – There are no coronavirus patients in the Osijek-Baranja County. 11 people have been tested so far and all of them were negative, according to the County Civil Protection Headquarters.

Head of Staff, Deputy Mayor Goran Ivanovic and Mayor Ivan Anusic, at a press conference, denied the rumors that there were patients, but that staff has remained silent.

Ivanovic reported that numerous public events, including some sports competitions, were canceled, and the headquarters, if necessary, prepared quarantine facilities and accommodation for the possibly ill, who could immediately function.

12:40 – Minister of Finance Zdravko Maric addressed the public

“As far as the supply chain is concerned, there is enough of everything. Both manufacturers and distributors have months to go. If any shelves are empty, there is enough product to fill them up again,” Maric reassures. “I have first-hand information and we are talking about increased consumption. I repeat again: we have everything in quantities for several months to come. There is no need for excessive stockpiling at retail chains and prompting the creation of additional and excessive supplies,” he added.

“All production is working normally for us. We have several months of supplies of everything, we were preparing for the season because we will ensure continuity of production, Croatia will not run out of food and medicine,” said Pucar from Podravka. And he urges citizens not to stockpile.

12:30 – Due to new circumstances related to the COVID-19 epidemic in the Republic of Croatia, as recommended by the Central State Office for Sport (SDUS) and in the interest of protecting athletes, coaches, fans and the entire sports community, Croatian Gymnastics Federation (HGS), suspends all competitions in all categories in Croatia, as well as planned refereeing and coaching seminars from today March 13 to April 1. They also suspended including the National Refereeing and Coaching Seminar, scheduled to take place tomorrow, March 14, at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb. All judo competitions were canceled until April 30.

11:50 – Following the recommendations of authorities of the County of Istria and their decision to restrict public gatherings, close schools and kindergartens and restrict the use of public spaces – the largest hotel company in Croatia, Valamar Poreč, decided to temporarily close the Diamond Hotel in Poreč and Sanfior in Rabac.

11:17 – Croatia PM Plenkovic said that kindergartens and colleges are closing. If parents are unable to ensure that the child is home, they should bring the child to school. Teachers will be in schools.

“So, if the kids have no place to go, if parents can’t provide for them, they can come to kindergarten and school.”

11:06 – Croatia PM Plenkovic addressed the public. “The whole world is at war with this virus. The responsibility of every citizen is to exercise discipline which will affect the spread of the epidemic. I call on everyone to be accountable and to listen carefully to the guidelines set forth by public health professionals. Press conferences will be held daily at 9:00 and 16:00.”

After the meeting, Maric went to meet with representatives of industrial food chains in order to inform the citizens that there is no reason to go shopping for supplies in disproportionate quantities.

We will focus on jobs take measures that will help small businesses.

“We will defer payment of income tax, income tax, contributions. The central budget will replace that.”

11:00 – Huge crowds on borders, travelers to Maclj are waiting up to 12 hours: “We’re hungry and thirsty.”

10:59 – Minister of Science and Education Blazenka Divjak announced today that, apart from the programs on HRT 3 for lower elementary grades, a program for upper elementary and secondary schools with video materials will be launched on Sportska televizija (Sport Television), which will be available online.

10:49 – Prime Minister Andrei Plenkovic met with National Civil Protection Headquarters and ministers at 10:00 CET.

10:27 – Students and teachers at several schools in and around Novi Sad have been quarantined on suspicion of being infected with a coronavirus after returning from competitions in Pula and Porec, Radio Vojvodina (RTV) reported.

8:57 – The court in Pula has been closed today completely in response to a possible coronavirus infection. There is a notice on the door, Regional Express reported.

8:43 – According to initial information, one of the judges of the Pula court is said to be positive for the coronavirus, but official confirmation of that information is awaiting. Concerned employees came out this morning outside the courthouse and are waiting for the President of the Pula County Court to speak to them, the Voice of Istria announced.

8:23 – The last two infected patients are from Umag. They are stable, and have mild symptoms, N1 television reports.

8:06 – Bartol Kašić Elementary School has released a statement regarding the steps it is taking after one student’s father tested positive for the coronavirus.

7:40 – The Croatian Auto Club (HAK) advised drivers and passengers on Friday to stay informed by checking the page of the Civil Protection Directorate and the HAK page before traveling to neighboring countries, especially Italy and try to delay trips to risky areas.

A Summary of Recent Events

Chief education adviser Marko Kosicek said today that schools have received instructions regarding preparation for virtual classes if coronavirus outbreak prompts school closings and stressed that they must be prepared regardless of when the virtual class model is launched.

Health Minister Vili Beros announced at a government session a new measure to curb the spread of coronaviruses, which recommends delaying or restricting gatherings with more than 100 people.

The Headquarters of the Zagreb County Civil Protection Department concluded in the course of the day that it recommends postponing all rallies and organized gatherings, regardless of size, in the Zagreb County area. The County Headquarters urge the organizers to keep the Coroner’s recommendations and postpone all events to prevent the spread of coronaviruses and urge residents of Zagreb County not to attend the rallies.

Several employees of the Environmental Protection Fund Sent Home

Several employees at the Environmental Protection Fund were sent home yesterday because they had been in contact with a female who had had contact with a hairdresser infected with the coronavirus. As the spokeswoman told us, some 40 or 50 employees were sent home because one of these persons was in contact with the infected person.

(Updates provided by Index)

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UPDATED: March 13, 2020 19:00 CET (Central European Time)

For the latest March 20 update click here.

*Follow this page for updates on the coronavirus in Croatia from Total Croatia News. Contact numbers for epidemiologists, travel advisories and measures for preventing the spread of the coronavirus can be found here.



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