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March 15, 2020 – There are 49 confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Croatia. Foreign nationals entering Croatia from infection hotspots will be subject to a 14-day quarantine, while a 14-day self-isolation is required for Croatian citizens.

Information on countries and areas under travel restrictions for passengers arriving in Croatia was updated on Sunday March 15:

All foreign nationals entering Croatia from the following countries/territories:

– People’s Republic of China: Hubei Province
– Italian Republic
– FR Germany: Heinsberg County in the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia
– Republic of Korea: Daegu City and Cheongdo Province
– Islamic Republic of Iran

will be informed about their compulsory 14-day quarantine, while all Croatian nationals will be issued a decision requiring them to go into a 14-day self-imposed isolation.

All foreign and Croatian nationals entering Croatia from the following countries/territories:

– People’s Republic of China (except the Hubei province)
– Hong Kong (People’s Republic of China)
– Republic of Korea (except Daegu City and the Cheongdo Province)
– Japan
– Republic of Singapore
– French Republic
– Federal Republic of Germany (except Heinsberg County in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia)
– Republic of Austria
– Swiss Confederation
– Kingdom of Spain
– Kingdom of the Netherlands
– Kingdom of Sweden
– United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
– Malaysia
– Republic of Slovenia
– Australia
– Republic of the Philippines
– Socialist Republic of Vietnam
– Kingdom of Cambodia
– New Zealand
– Kingdom of Denmark
– Kingdom of Norway
– Czech Republic
– Republic of Finland
– Hellenic Republic
– State of Israel
– Ireland
– Republic of San Marino
– Republic of Island
– Republic of Poland
– Romania
– Portuguese Republic
– Slovak Republic
– Hungary
– Republic of Belarus
– Republic of Bulgaria
– Republic of North Macedonia
– Kingdom of Thailand
– Republic of India
– Republic of Indonesia
– Republic of Maldives
– Kingdom of Bahrein
– United Arab Emirates
– Republic of Iraq
– Arab Republic of Egypt
– Lebanese Republic
– Islamic Republic of Pakistan
– Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
– United States of America
– Canada
– Federal Republic of Brasil
– Republic of Chile
– Republic of Costa Rica
– Peoples Democratic Republic of Algeria
– Republic of Cameroon
– Republic of Peru
– Republic of Ecuador
– Principality of Andorra
– Republic of Albania
– Republic of Cyprus
– Montenegro
– Principality of Liechtenstein
– Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
– Republic of Malta
– Principality of Monaco
– Republic of Turkey
– Ukraine

will be issued a decision requiring them to go into a 14-day self-imposed isolation.

The list will be updated in accordance with recommendations and the epidemiological situation.

“It is only through joint efforts that we can contribute to maintaining this relatively peaceful epidemiological situation that we now have in Croatia,” the Croatia National Civil Protection Headquarters reported at this morning’s press conference and repeated the following instructions:

  1. People who have cold symptoms and have not been in areas that are more affected by the new coronavirus within the last 14 days should not report to epidemiologists but may contact their family physician by telephone.
  1. People who have been in areas which are more affected by the coronavirus within the last 14 days, but are not coughing, who do not have a fever or other signs of a cold over must contact a competent epidemiologist, whose number can be obtained through county centers 112.
  1. People who have been in areas more affected by the coronavirus within the last 14 days, who have coughs fever and other cold symptoms, are obliged to contact their family physician by phone for further instructions.


Wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. | Use a tissue for coughing or sneezing. | Avoid touching your face. | Index

For some of the most commonly asked questions about coronavirus in Croatia, check out the TCN FAQ Guide here.

*Follow this page for updates on the coronavirus in Croatia from Total Croatia News. Contact numbers for epidemiologists, travel advisories and measures for preventing the spread of the coronavirus can be found here.

Forty-Nine Coronavirus Cases in Croatia

As of March 15, 2020; forty-nine coronavirus (COVID-19) patients have been reported in Croatia: 16 in Zagreb, 10 in Rijeka, 6 in Pula, 5 in Varaždin, 2 in Sisak and 9 in Osijek and 1 TBD, who returned from New York (Numbers on map updated).

  • The first patient from Zagreb became infected during his stay in Italy. The two other patients are close contacts. The fourth patient recently returned from a ski trip in Austria. The fifth patient recently came back from a conference in Munich. Five new cases were confirmed Wednesday and Thursday and the patients returned from trips to Austria and Germany. Three more cases were confirmed on Friday: a child, a soldier and a contact of the soldier. Another case, confirmed Saturday, returned from Spain. Two more cases work at the KBC Dubrava (clinic in Zagreb) for a total of sixteen.
  • A patient from Rijeka became infected during his stay in Italy. Several other patients had contact with the first patient. The total number of cases is now ten.
  • The first patient from Varaždin spent time in Italy. The second case is a truck driver who had been in Italy and was in preventative self-isolation. The third and fourth cases are close contacts of the driver. A fifth case returned from the United States, via Europe. Another patient was confirmed today.
  • Six patients in Pula had returned from Italy.
  • The first confirmed patient from Sisak returned from Italy. The second returned from Spain.
  • Two new cases from Osijek were in contact with an infected person from Zagreb. As of today, seven more cases for a total of nine.
  • Another case returned to Croatia from New York. Updates on this case to follow.

More than 6,455 people are dead from the virus, which originated in Wuhan City, China; and over 167,291 cases have been confirmed globally. There are 86,442 cases outside of mainland China and 24,747 in Italy. 

UPDATED: March 15, 2020 19:00 CET (Central European Time)


Croatia National Civil Protection Headquarters Updates

The National Civil Protection Headquarters held their daily afternoon press conference at 16:00 CET as reported by Index.

In Croatia, there are 49 cases of coronavirus infection recorded, including two doctors from KB KBC Dubrava.

“We will mobilize the entire healthcare system, staff and equipment. This is not unexpected; it is important that we have resisted this scenario for such a long time, it has allowed us to do the necessary preparatory work,” Vili Beros said.

Capak has revealed that the new case is one returnee from New York. Contacts of people from Osijek are also among the new cases. Two people worked at a ski resort in Austria.

Most Cases Returnees or Contacts of Returnees

“As you can see, the situation shows that we have either returnees from countries or their contacts,” he said. The minister indicated that Dubrava had previously been selected as the site of the respiratory center.

“Our exact plan was to activate Dubrava. These developments have accelerated our plans. Evacuation of patients to other hospitals is ongoing. This Zagreb scenario is ready for all regional centers. We have primary, secondary and tertiary care options in all our centers,” Beros added.

“By WHO definition, as soon as the first non-imported case occurs, they consider it to be local transmission. We believe that the spread of the disease to the population has not yet taken place,” Capak said.

Bozinovic Announced More Rigorous Measures, Starting Tomorrow

“What you are follow in the foreign media, we will also introduce. Our lives will change drastically, all for the purpose of protecting the population and our loved ones. We must take responsibility for ourselves and others. The measures will be implemented tomorrow, including the whole package of economic measures and closing borders is another measure,” Bozinovic said.

Capak found that about 8,000 people are in self-isolation. Waiting for 15 findings. The health status of the current patients is good.

“Over 80 percent, and by some accounts, 85 percent of patients have mild symptoms. Elderly people are especially advised to adjust their activities to the new circumstances. They should avoid public transport and doctor visits,” Beros repeated.

Highlights from Morning Press Conference

Seven new cases were diagnosed yesterday. At the press conference yesterday morning, the headquarters reported five new cases, in the afternoon another infected person was reported, and another case was discovered late in the evening. In total, 39 people were infected in Croatia as of yesterday (10 more infections by end-of-day March 15).

Government Will Cap Prices on Foods and Drugs

In addition, late last night the government decided to limit the prices of several foods and drugs with maximum prices remaining as they were on January 30.

57 Citizens Confirmed Violating Self Isolation Orders

Minister Bozinovic praised the computer scientists who created a system that helps identify persons who violate self-isolation measures.

“We do not act only on reports from citizens, but also on the regular treatment of the police, if someone is stopped in traffic and should be in self-isolation, they will be sanctioned,” he said. 

“In the past 24 hours, controls have been carried out on 57 citizens who do not comply with self-isolation measures. 17 have been reported to the sanitary inspection and will be sanctioned,” Bozinovic added.

Capak: Traffic at Border Back to Normal

Krunoslav Capak spoke about new measures at the borders, saying that the citizens of Bosnia and Hercegovina and Serbia will not need to go into self-isolation and that the regime will not change.

Minister Bozinovic said that truck traffic at the borders has returned to normal.

Croatia and Regional Daily Updates

(Updates provided by Index)

20:30 – The director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic “Dr. Fran Mihaljevic” and one of the key persons from the first line of defense against coronavirus, Dr. Alemka Markotic, said in an interview for Dnevnik Nova TV that there was another suspected coronavirus case in the hospital system. She also explained how everyone should behave and what is most important now.

19:00 – The ministry has announced rules for people in self-isolation:

  1. Leaving home is prohibited.
  2. Contact the appropriate epidemiological center every day.
  3. Take your temperature in the morning and evening.
  4. Pay attention to the appearance of symptoms of a respiratory infection (high temperature, coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing).
  5. Wash your hands regularly with soap or use sanitary hand cleaner.
  6. Regularly clean and disinfect objects and areas where you reside.
  7. Regularly ventilate spaces.
  8. Use your own sheets, towels and eating utensils
  9. Secure a separate room and use a separate bathroom.
  10. If you need to go to a health care facility, contact your family doctor beforehand.


18:00 – McDonald’s closes for guests. They have released a statement.

“Just as we are responsible for serving guests safe food, we are also responsible to employees for whom we need to ensure a safe working environment. Their safety and health are our priority. With strict adherence to the quality, hygiene and cleanliness; we consider closure of our restaurants to guests one of the critical measures we will take to ensure safety and help prevent the spread of the epidemic,” said Pavel Pavlicek, McDonald’s Croatia director.

17:50 – Zagreb opens offices for the examination of suspected coronavirus cases. Here they are.

17:30 – A man who violated the decision to self-isolate will be punished.

16:30 – At the end of the afternoon press conference, Ministers Božinović and Beroš made a special appeal to the elderly. They were urged not to leave the house unless they had to. They were also told to avoid rallies and going to the grocery store.

16:05 – A new press conference of the National Civil Protection Headquarters took place. There are currently 49 cases of coronavirus recorded in Croatia. There are still 15 more cases to be confirmed. Minister Bozinovic said the measures being introduced would be increasingly rigorous.

15:30 – Mass was held at the cathedral. There weren’t many attendees.


15:10 – Penalties for violation of self-isolation have been announced. The first fine is eight thousand HRK (1052 EUR). But if someone continues to violate self-isolation, the penalties are drastically higher.

14:21 – Plenkovic said a total of 49 were infected at the very beginning of the press conference.

13:00Index confirmed that two doctors of KB Dubrava were infected with the coronavirus.


12:05 – Andrej Plenkovic has stated that they are taking all measures against the spread of the coronavirus epidemic that are appropriate at the moment, and if more stringent measures are needed, they will surely take them, but will ensure the normal functioning of life.

The prime minister said this after a vote in HDZ’s inter-party elections, questioned whether the closure measures taken by restaurants in Istria would apply to the rest of Croatia.

11:45 – There is no cure for COVID-19, that is, therapy is only symptomatic and supportive. Although most infected people have only mild symptoms, it is still extremely important to try to avoid the infection in every way. Here’s how you can do it.

11:16 – The press conference of the Headquarters of Osijek-Baranja County is underway. They said that the five cases from Osijek are contacts of the married couple from Ernestinovo. Still waiting for results for 5 people.

11:05 – From the Rehabilitation Center in Zagreb, a coronavirus case was announced on their site. They reported a virus was detected in one user.

10:50 – The Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia has decided that train drivers and the necessary accompanying railway staff may cross the border with Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina without restrictions. They will be issued a 14-day self-isolation decision. At the invitation of the employer, they will be able to get out of self-isolation for the purpose of carrying out railway transport operations, and upon completion they shall be obliged to return to self-isolation. The employer is obliged to provide the driver and the necessary accompanying train crew with all the protective equipment they are required to use when performing the business process.

10:45 – Mate Rimac reported on Facebook that he was closing down his business Monday because of the coronavirus.

10:00 – As of yesterday, a quarantine was established in each county with a parking space for trucks to house domestic truck drivers after unloading cargo. Drivers will no longer have to be in self-isolation as before but will leave quarantine to go on route as needed and return to quarantine once their goods have been unloaded. All employers with more than five employees are required to provide quarantine/self-isolation within their business premises in accordance with the prescribed self-isolation measures.

9:45 – Archbishop of Rijeka Msgr. Dr. Ivan Devcic sent a letter yesterday to the priests with new provisions regarding the coronavirus, and at the request of the Chief of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the PGZ, who asks the local Church to suspend all liturgical rites until April 3, 2020. Churches in the Archdiocese of Rijeka must cancel masses at which would have more than 100 people and where people cannot sit with a meter of distance between them.

9:20 – The Diocese of Dubrovnik will broadcast mass over the Internet.

9:30 – Bozinovic: We found 18 people who did not adhere to self-isolation orders and they will be punished.

9:00 – Last night, truck traffic started moving through Croatia to Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, confirmed the Minister of the Interior and the Director of the National Civil Protection Headquarters, Davor Bozinovic.

The convoy of lorries, which was detained at the Italian-Slovenian and Slovenian-Croatian borders due to the coronavirus epidemic, departed yesterday evening.

(Updates provided by Index)

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UPDATED: March 15, 2020 19:00 CET (Central European Time)

For the latest March 21 update click here.

*Follow this page for updates on the coronavirus in Croatia from Total Croatia News. Contact numbers for epidemiologists, travel advisories and measures for preventing the spread of the coronavirus can be found here.



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