Croatia Coronavirus COVID-19 Health, Stats & Travel Update: March 16, 2020

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March 16, 2020 – There are 56 confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Croatia and 7 new cases, including a doctor from KBC Rebro. Two doctors from KBC Dubrava tested positive yesterday. A fourth patient has recovered. There are currently 52 active cases in Croatia.

Foreign nationals entering Croatia from infection hotspots will be subject to a 14-day quarantine, while a 14-day self-isolation is required for Croatian citizens. Information on countries and areas under travel restrictions for passengers arriving in Croatia was updated on Sunday March 15:

All foreign nationals entering Croatia from the following countries/territories:

– People’s Republic of China: Hubei Province
– Italian Republic
– FR Germany: Heinsberg County in the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia
– Republic of Korea: Daegu City and Cheongdo Province
– Islamic Republic of Iran

will be informed about their compulsory 14-day quarantine, while all Croatian nationals will be issued a decision requiring them to go into a 14-day self-imposed isolation.

All foreign and Croatian nationals entering Croatia from the following countries/territories:

– People’s Republic of China (except the Hubei province)
– Hong Kong (People’s Republic of China)
– Republic of Korea (except Daegu City and the Cheongdo Province)
– Japan
– Republic of Singapore
– French Republic
– Federal Republic of Germany (except Heinsberg County in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia)
– Republic of Austria
– Swiss Confederation
– Kingdom of Spain
– Kingdom of the Netherlands
– Kingdom of Sweden
– United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
– Malaysia
– Republic of Slovenia
– Australia
– Republic of the Philippines
– Socialist Republic of Vietnam
– Kingdom of Cambodia
– New Zealand
– Kingdom of Denmark
– Kingdom of Norway
– Czech Republic
– Republic of Finland
– Hellenic Republic
– State of Israel
– Ireland
– Republic of San Marino
– Republic of Island
– Republic of Poland
– Romania
– Portuguese Republic
– Slovak Republic
– Hungary
– Republic of Belarus
– Republic of Bulgaria
– Republic of North Macedonia
– Kingdom of Thailand
– Republic of India
– Republic of Indonesia
– Republic of Maldives
– Kingdom of Bahrein
– United Arab Emirates
– Republic of Iraq
– Arab Republic of Egypt
– Lebanese Republic
– Islamic Republic of Pakistan
– Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
– United States of America
– Canada
– Federal Republic of Brasil
– Republic of Chile
– Republic of Costa Rica
– Peoples Democratic Republic of Algeria
– Republic of Cameroon
– Republic of Peru
– Republic of Ecuador
– Principality of Andorra
– Republic of Albania
– Republic of Cyprus
– Montenegro
– Principality of Liechtenstein
– Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
– Republic of Malta
– Principality of Monaco
– Republic of Turkey
– Ukraine

will be issued a decision requiring them to go into a 14-day self-imposed isolation.

The list will be updated in accordance with recommendations and the epidemiological situation.

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Fifty-Six Coronavirus Cases in Croatia

As of March 16, 2020; fifty-six coronavirus (COVID-19) patients have been reported in Croatia: 25 in Zagreb, 10 in Rijeka, 7 in Osijek, 6 in Pula, 5 in Varaždin, 2 in Sisak and 1 in Karlovac.

More than 7,131 people are dead from the virus, which originated in Wuhan City, China; and over 181,686 cases have been confirmed globally. There are 100,806 cases outside of mainland China and 27,980 in Italy. 

UPDATED: March 16, 2020 22:00 CET (Central European Time)


National Civil Protection Headquarters Morning Press Conference

The National Civil Protection Headquarters reported 7 new cases of coronavirus infection at their daily 9:00 CET press conference today as reported by Index. There are currently 56 confirmed cases since the outbreak, among them two doctors from KB Dubrava and one doctor from KBC Rebro. Three people had recovered.

Seven New Cases: 5 Zagreb, 1 Rijeka and 1 Karlovac

Health Minister Vili Beros revealed that one new case is from Rijeka, one from Karlovac and five from Zagreb, including a doctor from KBC Rebra. The Rebra doctor became infected after having contact with people who returned from a ski trip, Beroš said, praising his quick reaction and the quick reaction of the KBC Rebra staff.

Bozinovic: 174 Self Isolation Violations

“I have to commend the emergency services, the border police officers who are preventing illegal migration and working under the new system. We have detected 174 violations of self-isolation orders and 40 people were reported,” according to Bozinovic.

Croatia and Regional Daily Updates

(Updates provided by Index)

21:56 – Minister Darko Horvat also presented the first 10 measures from the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, which will be proposed at tomorrow’s government session.

21:30 – The National Civil Protection Headquarters will receive new, greater powers, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic announced on Monday, announcing a package of 20 changes to the law that the government would send to parliament as a matter of urgency Tuesday to minimize the negative effects of the coronavirus epidemic.

“There are delays in paying taxes and contributions, enabling liquidity, rescheduling loans. Everyone is paying close attention to this crisis. I think we will be able to overcome this crisis without too much financial expense,” Plenkovic said during a guest appearance on Dnevnik Nova TV and added that there is a proposal on the table for the state to provide the minimum wage and the employer the remainder, but that the suspension of overhead is not being considered at this time.

19:59 – The new financial measures were announced by the Minister of Finance Zdravko Maric on RTL Danas, explaining exactly what they entail.

“An integral part of these measures is liquidity. On the one hand, there are public benefits – income tax, income tax and contributions. According to the working version, we will agree on the details throughout the day and night until the session, we are talking about a three-month payment delay with a possible additional three months of extensions. On the other hand, there are credit lines and lines in cooperation with HBOR, CNB and HUB, all aimed in some way to focus similarly on credit arrangements,” said Maric.

It may also be possible to delay the payment of loans for citizens.

“We have also included citizens’ loans. The banks have shown constructive cooperation here, and I believe that we will succeed in achieving that part, especially in the sectors affected by the coronavirus, although I think that few will go untouched by this crisis. We are talking about a period of about three months.” said Maric.

19:56 – Minister of Labor and Pension System Josip Aladrovic announces new measures for employers while a guest on N1 Dnevnik.

“The top priority is safeguarding domestic jobs,” Aladrovic said, noting that employers will be provided with funding from the state budget and the European Social Fund, which will stimulate employers to retain labor to co-finance wage costs.

19:54 – A new case of violation of self-isolation occurred in Vrgorac. The man, according to Dalmacija danas, walked around for two days on his return from Italy, instead of being in isolation. He was caught by police.

19:40 – The City of Split has paid 400,000 HRK (52,758 EUR) to the Clinical Hospital Center (KBC Split) from its budget supply to co-finance the costs of renovating and equipping hospital facilities for the isolation of coronavirus infected patients, the city administration announced on Monday night.

19:35 – The onslaught of shoppers into stores has not stopped as they stock up on supplies in fear of movement restrictions and supply disruptions due to the coronavirus epidemic. According to Finance Minister Zdravko Maric, turnover has increased about 40 percent over the same period last year. In terms of supply, Croatia may be ahead of other countries because manufacturers and shops were waiting for the tourist season anyway, in which traffic increased, so they are used to oscillations.

19:10 – The first potential case of the coronavirus infection appeared in the Virovitica-Podravina County. The patient was isolated in the Virovitica General Hospital, and that was confirmed by Miroslav Venus, epidemiologist and director of the County Public Health Institute Sveti rok.

19:00 – The Zadar Civil Protection Headquarters adopted similar measures proposed by Zagreb but did not seek permission from the National Headquarters. At today’s press conference in Zagreb, Health Minister Vili Beros emphasized that they do not approve of the recommendations issued by the Zadar County Civil Protection Headquarters at this time.

18:50 – Nela Srsen, a Croatian doctor working in Italy, told us about the situation there. She says the virus was not taken seriously in the beginning. The people, he says, were casual and the wrong messages were being sent. She is skeptical that the virus will disappear when it warms up.

17:54 – Defense Minister Damir Krsticevic called on all members of the Croatian Army to be a personal example of responsible behavior within the circumstances of the coronavirus epidemic, to be an example of health care and be prepared to help us get out of this epidemic as soon as possible.

“This government is doing everything it can to manage the crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic, which is not easy at all,” Krsticic said, adding that it was precisely through these situations that he has prepared the homeland security system which was not even mentioned during this crisis, though it was often emphasized by Krsticevic.

17:50 – Bozinovic was also asked by journalists how he commented on the information that there were a number of Italian citizens on the Croatian coast, in their facilities and in private accommodation.

“When they arrived – I do not know, but that does not mean that these people should be stigmatized now. They have been good neighbors all these years. All the same epidemiological instructions apply for them, and our services will do their job regardless of nationality,” Bozinovic said.

In addition to Bozinovic, the same question was asked to Inspector General Andrija Mikulic, but he declined to answer, saying that it was a question “for those who were the first to welcome these people, that is, the border police,” after which he left the press conference.

17:44 – The chief of the Civil Protection Headquarters and the Minister of the Interior Davor Bozinovic made a new statement and answered the question whether and when new, more rigorous measures would be adopted in Croatia.

“Now that would be prejudice, what I can say is that there is always a level of professionalism behind these decisions, in this case the epidemiology profession. You see that states make decisions that are often similar to one another. It is likely that our decisions will be on that track as well, and at the appropriate time.” said Bozinovic.

17:10 – The City of Zagreb has issued recommendations on conduct.


16:50 – Tourism Minister Gary Capelli has revealed what measures will be taken to save jobs in the tourist sector.

“It is important for us that there be delays, such as deferrals of tourist tax, tourist membership fees, hotel owners paying concessions in camps on tourist property, that along with all these go ‘three plus three’ delays, which delays payment for three months,” the tourism minister noted.

That way, Cappelli adds, wages are also likely to be dealt with, “anything that can be dealt with immediately and we are confident that we can cover these expenses for the next six months.”

16:29 – The director of the Zagreb KBC Sestre milosrdnice (KBC Sisters of Mercy) Mario Zovak, announced on Monday that, along with KB Dubrava, as the primary respiratory-intensive center for the most severe coronavirus patients, other hospital facilities must be prepared for the worst-case scenarios and treat the sick.

16:10 – Instructions for going to banks and using ATMs issued due to coronavirus.

To reduce the number of people indoors, HUB (Croatian Association of Banks) advises citizens to make the most of digital banking services (mobile and internet banking) and ATM networks. The ATM network and branch offices will be provided with sufficient cash at all times, and citizens are advised to use digital banking and card payment services, HUB said.

If they have to come to the office, the HUB urges citizens to act in accordance with the recommendations of the health services.

16:06 – Minister Beros said 880 tests are in progress. Over 9000 people are under supervision. Another person has recovered for a total of 4 recovered.

15:53 ​ – One person with possible coronavirus symptoms was admitted to Zadar General Hospital today and kept in hospital isolation. The samples were sent to the Infectious Diseases Clinic “Dr. Fran Mihaljević” and findings are expected soon.

15:51 – The Croatian Parliament tomorrow will introduce special protection measures against the spread of coronavirus, and besides the already introduced measures of disinfection and suspension of group visits and international activities; it will suspend all private visits, introduce safeguards in the canteen as well as a special way of monitoring the work of the parliament.

15:32 – Ministers Unveil Measures to Help Economy: Postponement of Paying Credit, Tax …

15:29 – The County of Karlovac held a dramatic cut on a coronavirus, on which he gave orders to journalists and threatened prisoners with doctors.

15:18 – The next package of measures to be implemented in the County of Istria aimed at suppressing coronavirus will be targeted at the economy, said the Chief of Staff for Civil Protection of the County of Istria, Dino Kozlevac, at a press conference today.

15:15 – By March 16, 2020; the Epidemiology Service of the Institute for Public Health of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County received a total of 455 people from border sanitary inspectors. Of those, 205 completed health surveillance and all had no symptoms of coronavirus infection. There are currently 86 people undergoing home health surveillance. Two people are still quarantined.

At the moment, one male, a Croatian national, who was sampled for COVID-19 infection, was hospitalized and isolated in Dubrovnik General Hospital.

14:51 – The mayor of Rijeka, Vojko Obersnel, on Monday reported on new measures of the city administration in the fight against coronavirus and stressed that among other things, care should be taken not to jeopardize the liquidity of the city budget.

Obersnel noted that they are aware that entrepreneurs will suffer financial losses and that measures to ease the situation and help are being prepared locally, but he added that they depend on measures taken by the government.

“We have to take care that the liquidity of the city budget is not jeopardized because some obligations have to be fulfilled, and the measure of deferred income tax, which was already introduced, will significantly affect the liquidity,” he said.

14:50 – In an effort to control the spread of the coronavirus , the Osijek Civilian Protection Headquarters today recommended limiting the working hours of catering establishments to 22:00 CET, while night clubs in the city will not operate after next weekend.

14:34 – As a part of measures to help entrepreneurs, Bjelovar will abolish the surtax, due to the emergence of coronavirus, and delay the payment of utility fees for companies and craftsmen, said Bjelovar Mayor Dario Hrebak on Monday.

The decision to abolish surtax should come into force in early May, since it has to be approved by the City Council, while the decision to defer the utility bills for all businesses and craftsmen for a month or longer and without interest, applies from the beginning March.

14:33 – Multiple people have violated the self-isolation rule. In Podravina, police received more than 20 reports of people violating self-isolation orders. Of the 23 people, police said ePodravina found that five of them had violated the rules of self-isolation.

14:30 – SDP President Davor Bernardic says it is necessary to move to more rigorous measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic and called on the National Civil Protection Headquarters to not endanger the lives of citizens.

14:20 – Zagreb City Cemeteries, operating at Zagreb Holding, issued recommendations regarding funerals during a coronavirus pandemic.

14:16 – Labor and Pension Minister Josip Aladrovic has announced that the government will also financially stimulate employers to retain workers. He says they are working on measures which they will present to the government tomorrow.

14:05 – Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said today that internal meetings are underway to determine how the deferral of income taxes, contributions, contributions and loan rescheduling will be implemented.

13:55 – The Croatian Chamber of Pharmacies has issued recommendations on the responsible behavior of patients in pharmacies during the coronavirus epidemic, which urge them to keep a distance from pharmacists and people waiting in line, and restrictions have been imposed on dispensing products per patient.

13:43 – As the decision of the Government of Croatia of March 13, 2020 states that elementary school employees are obliged to ensure the admission of students attending class in cases when both parents are employed and there is no other possibility of childcare. The Union of Croatian Teachers provided an analysis conducted at 627 elementary schools regarding the number of students arriving in grades 1-4, as of March 16, 2020. According to a statement, this provides a more realistic picture of student arrivals by county, and so that principals can reconsider their decisions about the necessity of all staff to attend schools.

According to the analysis of received data received from 627 elementary schools as of 13:00 CET; here is a list of students (1st through 4th grade students) who have arrived in schools:

Zagreb County – 6 students (of which 2 extended stays)
Krapina-Zagorje County – 0 students
Sisak-Moslavina County – 41 students (of which 1 extended stay)
Karlovac County – 0 students
Varaždin County – 1 student
Koprivnica-Križevci County – 0 students
Bjelovar-Bilogora County – 0 students
Primorje-Gorski Kotar County – 7 students (all extended stays)
Lika-Senj County – 0 students
Virovitica-Podravina County – 2 students
Požega-Slavonia County – 2 students (both extended stay)
Brod-Posavina County – 2 students
Zadar County – 2 students
Osijek-Baranja County – 1 student
Šibenik-Knin County – 0 students
Vukovar-Srijem County – 0 students
Split-Dalmatia County – 20 students (of which 11 extended stay)
County of Istria – 1 pupil
Dubrovnik-Neretva County 3 students (of which 2 are extended stay)
Međimurje County – 0 students
City of Zagreb – 21 students (9 of which extended stay)

TOTAL: 109 students (of which 34 extended stays)

13:40 – The Croatian Employers Association (HUP) Trade Association points out that there is enough food and hygiene supplies and urges customers not to overdo quantities and to look after the health and safety of the shop employees when buying.

13:15 – The first coronavirus infected patient in Karlovac County is in Ogulin, who became infected in Rijeka in contact with an acquaintance without knowing it, was in the pediatric outpatient clinic of Ogulin Health Center on Friday, Mayor Damir Jelic said on Monday.

13:07 – The City of Zagreb sent a statement today informing them of the delay in conducting the procedure for enrolling children in the first grade of primary school.

13:05 – Press conference in Split is underway. “There is still no positive finding in the County and that is good news. However, this situation cannot be defeated by any institution, it can be only be overcome together. This is the only guarantee of success,” said Mayor Blazenko Boban.

13:01 – Crikvenica Introduces Citizens Assistance Service

From today, March 16, 2020; the citizens of Crikvenica will be provided with a free telephone number 0800 2999, which will receive calls from 0 to 24 hours. The Crikvenica City Emergency Service will be available via phone. An on-duty service was set up to minimize leaving the home and personal contact of people, based on the recommendation of the Civil Protection Staff. It will be available to the citizens of the City of Crikvenica, who are at risk, the elderly and the disabled.

12:30 – “None of the patients are positive. I am not afraid. We are taught about all kinds of risks, and I have nothing to fear because the disease is not severe,” the minister said.

12:04 – According to instructions from the Ministry of Justice, visits to prisoners in the Zagreb Prison are restricted until April 1, which includes prisoners held in the investigative prison.

12:02 – The residents of Zagreb seem to have taken the instructions of the National Headquarters seriously. As you can see in the photos taken today, the City Center is almost completely empty, and the residents who took to the streets are wearing masks. Markets are empty, cafes are closed, terraces are empty, trams are empty.

11:47 – Minister Beros just came to KB Dubrava. A press release is expected after he comes out.


11:45 – The residents of Bjelovar decided early this morning to rush to the stores and replenish their supplies because of the coronavirus. The photos and shots that come from that city are amazing. More here.


11:37 – Zagreb Zoo Closed to Visitors

“The Zagreb Zoo cares for the animals daily, and in order to provide them with adequate care during the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the zoo is closed to visitors.

The decision takes effect immediately, and by which time this mode of operation of the Garden will last depends on the information and instructions that the Garden will receive from the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Zagreb and Civil Protection,” read a statement signed by Damir Skok, Director of the Zagreb Zoo.

11:36 – Additional Protection Measures for Spar Employees

“In order to further protect our employees who are in close contact with customers, we have enabled protective masks, gloves and disinfectants.

Also, for our customers in all branches of SPAR and INTERSPAR we have provided visual markings that show one meter, and the carts, baskets and all surfaces in the shops are regularly disinfected.

To ensure unhindered supply, all our branches will operate on regular business hours. Even in malls which work part-time or are closed, SPAR and INTERSPAR stores will operate normally. In determining working hours, we follow all Crisis Staff instructions.

Also, if necessary and following the instructions of the National Headquarters, we are ready to introduce regulation of entry into shops.

We urge our customers to comply with all the protection measures prescribed by the competent services. This is how you protect yourself, our employees and the entire country,” Spar reported today.

11:26 – 8500 people in Croatia are in self-isolation. We have learned that the police are tracking down violators.

There are about 8500 people in mandatory self-isolation, according to a press conference this morning by the National Civil Protection Headquarters. However, not everyone is adhering to the measures they have been given. Despite being potential spreaders of the infection are not staying home but are going outside. Police received 174 reports, and 40 violations of self-isolation have been identified. These cases were handed over to the State Inspectorate for further action, including the imposition of fines.

11:15 – “It is not a good thing that there are irresponsible individuals here, specifically individuals who are literally creating problems with deviant and idiotic behaviour, there is an ongoing cyber-attack on Srce and Carnet,” Divjak said.

11:03 – More About the First Case in Karlovac:

The Civil Protection Headquarters of Karlovac held a press conference and reported that the first infected person from the Karlovac area is from Ogulin and became infected in Rijeka as reported by Radio Mrežnica. He reported to the Ogulin Health centre on Saturday after he experienced symptoms. The day before he had been with the child at the Health Centre. All his contacts under supervision, Radio Mreznica reports.

11:01 – Emmezeta announced truncated working hours: 10:00 to 18:00, and their store in Pula is closed.

10:54 – In accordance with the recommendations of the National Civil Protection Headquarters and the precautionary measures during the course of the Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19) of the Croatian Institute of Public Health; the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery informs the public to further postpone all upcoming public gatherings and programs. (exhibitions, workshops, lectures and similar). Individual and group visits to the Lotrščak Tower were suspended until the precautionary measures were abolished, the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery reported.

10:30 – “Phase 3 has been activated. As of today, we are in an emergency facility, we only inspect and operate on emergency cases. KBC Osijek will treat potential patients who need respirators.

Positive patients with mild symptoms will be treated in all Slavonian hospitals. We have everything, protective equipment, the crisis headquarters is supplying us daily with the quantities we need. If KBC does not have enough resources for the respiratory centre, we will be able to take staff and equipment from other hospitals. We have 7 confirmed cases, 6 of them are symptomless and one has a temperature. Today we send 13 more samples and we will know the results in the late evening,” said Dr. Zubcic.

10:25 – “Care should be taken and caution, but it does not make sense to close everything. The economy is important, and it must not stop. The fact that the health centres are on duty does not mean that they are testing,” said Ivanovic from the Osijek Civil Protection Headquarters. “I warn everyone who sees this situation as an opportunity to make money, I warn them not to do this. I think we are all equally responsible, involved, and we can all do the right thing. By 13:00 CET we will prepare a package of measures for local government units and a package of measures for businessmen. Everyone can count on us,” he added.

10:23 – The market in Rijeka is half empty.


10:13 – Zagreb City Emergency Management Office Mayor Pavle Kalinic, was a guest on N1 Television, and commented on a document urging the Zagreb to urgently introduce rigorous measures – limiting the operation of shops and shutting down catering establishments, services, gyms, sports and recreational centres and clubs.

“I signed it and I take full responsibility for it. It is a shame that the document was leaked, but I immediately confirmed its authenticity because there is no reason to hide it,” he says.

“These measures are the bare minimum the National Headquarters can accept. China implemented rigorous measures, and Germany has begun to close borders. Everyone is doing something, and we have a situation where a truck can enter Croatia but cannot leave. For the protection of residents it is now essential that the national headquarters to take action,” Kalinic said.

He said that Croatia had undertaken stringent measures too late.

“We were late in decision-making by two weeks. Italy is too late, yesterday they were almost 360 dead because they postponed necessary measures. I am afraid that exponential growth (of new cases) will commence. The government will have to accept that sooner or later,” Pavle Kalinic said on Novi dan and added that Zagreb public transport is disinfected three times a day.

9:27 – In Osijek-Baranja County seven people are infected with a coronavirus. The patients were placed in the Clinical Hospital Centre Osijek, and this morning they came forward with a statement announcing the hospital’s further work. “In accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Initiation of the third phase of the fight against the epidemic; non-urgent examinations and the elective surgery program are postponed until further notice,” the hospital said.

8:20 – Health Minister Vili Beros confirmed this morning to N1 that doctor from KBC Rebro is positive for the coronavirus. He was treated epidemiologically, the minister added.

8:10 – Border crossings with Serbia-Montenegro are closed due to the coronavirus for all but their nationals and truck drivers, border checks have been intensified on all border crossings of Croatia with Slovenia, Hungary and Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatian Auto Club (HAK) reported on Monday.

Therefore, longer waiting times for passenger and especially freight vehicles are possible.

7:41 – All Bosnia and Hercegovina citizens coming from abroad are going into isolation today, Klix reports. The decision was made on Friday and is effective as of 6:00 this morning.

7:33 – The chief of the Osijek Civil Protection Headquarters said that the remaining findings from Zagreb showed that there were no new infected in the Osijek-Baranja County. “There are still 7 positives. About 440 people are in self-isolation, and that number is increasing,” Ivanovic said.

7:29 – Capak said a patient in Rijeka was also discharged. It is the third recovery in Croatia. “We can’t avoid the doctor’s contact with the infected. We’re doing everything we can to stop it. Epidemiologists have done everything at Dubrava KB, it was like Rebro. Everything was checked, contacts were excluded … This is one extremely organized hospital. We didn’t need to introduce any measures. People who have symptoms are wearing masks,” Capak said.

7:27 – After Westgate announced yesterday that their hours would be shortened, the same announcement was made on the Supernova page.

“The health and well-being of our customers, employees, partners and our entire community is always our top priority. We want to inform you that in accordance with more stringent preventative measures, new working hours are being applied to prevent the possibility of coronavirus spreading.

Monday – Saturday: 10:00 to 18:00
Sunday: Closed

Retail Food Stores / Pharmacies / Drug Stores / Post Offices / Small Animal Stores Are the Exception and will keep same working hours! Thanks for your understanding,” Supernova reported.

7:20 – “It is not realistic to expect that the situation will be resolved in 2 weeks. We will see the development of the situation, the government meets every day, it is not a problem to make a decision in an instant,” said HZJZ chief Krunoslav Capak in a guest appearance on Dobro Jutro Hrvatska (Good Morning Croatia).

(Updates provided by Index)

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UPDATED: March 16, 2020 22:00 CET (Central European Time)

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