Curious About Highest-Paid Jobs in Croatia? A Look at Croatian Salaries, from Best to Worst

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Slobodna Dalmacija reports that the highest-paid workers in Croatia are flight controllers whose average monthly salaries last year of HRK 26,260 are almost four times higher than the average. In contrast, the lowest-paid workers, seamsters and seamstresses, with an average of HRK 3,780, need seven months to work for one flight controller’s salary.

According to the Moj Posao portal, referring to data from the MojaPlaća service, in the pandemic 2020, the average monthly net salary with salary supplements in Croatia was HRK 6,712, four percent or HRK 285 more than the average salary from the year before.

The median salary for last year amounted to HRK 6,125. It increased less than the average, by two percent or HRK 125 compared to the year before, which means that a larger number of respondents receiving a salary is lower than the average salary than those with above-average salaries.

The best-paid workers last year, along with flight controllers, were pilots with average salaries of HRK 14,950, various managers with average salaries ranging around HRK 14,900, followed by IT employees such as IT architects with an average of HRK 14,300, engineers and programmers with HRK 13,400 and HRK 13,320, respectively. Textile workers earn the least, especially seamsters and seamstresses, with an average salary of HRK 3,780, tailors with HRK 3,870, and shoemakers with an average of HRK 3,910.

With data on last year’s salaries, you can find the current list of the lowest and best-paid jobs according to MojaPlać, which monitors the amounts of salaries for 296 jobs, and their research currently covers 36,000 respondents.

While there are not too many surprises on the list of the highest salaries, on the list of currently lowest-paid occupations, you will find post workers (HRK 4,523), undertakers (HRK 4,315), as well as florists, beauticians, and hairdressers.

MojPosao reveals that in the pandemic last year, despite the economic crisis, the average monthly net salary in none of the industries decreased compared to 2019. They add that companies best pay employees from the IT and telecommunications sector, where salaries are 30 percent higher than the average. This activity recorded the highest average growth of monthly income (6%) compared to the previous year.

In the past 10 months, 19 percent of employees received financial bonuses. The cash compensation for working in an emergency was mostly distributed to their employees by companies from the activities that had the most challenging period. Thus, bonuses were mostly distributed by companies from trade (25%), transport (23%), and health (23%). Even though the total number of employees to whom employers provide certain benefits has not changed significantly since 2019, the type of benefits to which employees are entitled has changed.

Jobs with the highest average salaries, MojaPlaća 
1. Flight controller HRK 24,367
2. Leasing manager HRK 18,529
3. Lead developer HRK 16,753
4. General Manager HRK 16,664
5. Pilot HRK 16,516
6. IT manager HRK 16,395
7. IT director HRK 16,112
8. Head of Finance and Accounting HRK 15,863
9. Regional director HRK 15,340
10. Branch manager HRK 14,849
11. Sales director HRK 14,771
12. Sales and Marketing director HRK 14,688
13. Director of Finance and Accounting HRK 14,673
14. Logistics director HRK 14,667
15. Executive director HRK 14,221
16. Branch director HRK 13,985
17. Product owner HRK 13,848
18. DevOps engineer HRK 13,820
19. Production director HRK 13,794
20. IT architect HRK 13,735

Jobs with the lowest average salaries, MojaPlaća 
1. Seamsters and Seamstresses, HRK 3650 
2. Nanny HRK 3883 
3. Cleaner HRK 3885
4. Textile technician HRK 3889 
5. Tailor HRK 3943
6. Unskilled worker HRK 3993 
7. Hairdresser HRK 4051
8. Pedicurist HRK 4056 k
9. Shoemaker HRK 4111 
10. Lifeguard, swimming instructor HRK 4235 
11. Reception desk worker HRK 4254 
12. Funeral service worker HRK 4315
13. Security guard HRK 4321
14. Maid (tourism) HRK 4329
15. Interviewer HRK 4363 
16. Florist/arranger HRK 4431 
17. Worker in furniture production HRK 4490 
18. Post worker HRK 4523 
19. Beautician HRK 4566 
20. Caretaker at school HRK 4566 

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