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A look into Osijek’s fashion scene with Fashion Incubator.

Last night was the Fashion Incubator held at Portanova in Osijek. It was the 17th edition and it naturally gathered some of Croatia’s youngest talented fashion designers.

It was a high-calibre performance of fashion with Saturday night being the final showdown. With only a few finalists to show their collection on the runway for the competition, it was a spectacular sight featuring Anthony Avangard, Mirjana Klepić (JAMOI), Tomislav Kliškinić and Marko Šabarić  (Brand KLISAB), Mona Lacko, Sonja Lamut.

The location of most runways and fashion shows are usually in tents, warehouse or baroque architecture, however in most cases, the audience is in for a surprise. This final stretch of the fashion Incubator was held in the lower level garage that was transformed into runway hidden behind curtains and white walls, white floor. Once inside the area was complete with a VIP lounge and pop-up bar straight out of the movies. The music was loud and lighting provided a defined an underground club theme.

This was the first time working with Isabella Petrijevčanin as she captured the fashion show with some amazing photography. To have some great photos of some of the action that takes place on the runway set. The models were getting ready and the amount of work that goes into the show is priceless. To catch up with the designers was a rare chance as it was some of their most intense moments. We were able to find them and ask a few questions with some translations.

Anthony Avangard

Antun Aščić aka Anthony Avangard who showed off the men’s fashion line showed a colourful and cheerful collection inspired by Gigoi Vitez Antuntun’s cult. He presented something fresh and full of energy. His models dressed in a style that was casual and the feeling it just came out of a music video. Its very relaxing fit is a break away from the norm of a cross between athletic wear and casual. The result is a combination of attire mixed with soccer players, swimmers, skaters, with a bit of old school mixed in. There is this rebellious feel to his clothes as he moves away from tracksuits, jeans, slacks and business attire. It is clothing meant for fun that could be worn for travelling, sports or just for the everyday entrepreneur stepping into his own office.

His style is lavish, full of colour and polka dot patterns that break away from the mould of solid colours and stripes. He experiments with the ideas that can be easily mixed and matched with the concept being unified style. The clothing is baggy with lots of pocket space for cell phones, and other gear when travelling to new places.

Mirjana Klepić (JAMOI)

Mirjana Klepić from Rijeka stole the show last night with her enthusiasm and well-tailored fashion. She was past winner in previous shows and continues to lead the way yesterday. She watched the models every move before it hit the runway with hairstyles that took us to a more sophisticated time period of elegance and decadence.

Her clothing is very elaborate, sophisticated with charm and wit. Her collection this year is called “Morph Caption” and the clothes were tailored with knitwear introducing feathers and artificial fur. Her clothes transformed from classical to a more bold leather feel with all-out attitude. The cleanness of contour lines in her design was show-stopping with the models gliding down the runway. She watched the models every move before it hit the runway with hairstyles that took us to a more sophisticated time period of elegance and decadence.

Tomislav Kliškinić i/and Marko Šabarić (Brand KLISAB)

This talented duo have previously won in the 2014 collection and this year they are back. The show without these two would not be the same as they brought a cool collection called “Patch.” Patch is a framework of using different fabrics and material and uniting them to make a patchwork style combination. (Hence its title for the collection.) They have introduced a new collection called PATCH that is played with the technique of patchwork and explores the possibilities of connecting different materials to one piece. Using the wool, the coat, the fur, the coarse wool, the darker colours and loud patterns, and retaining recognizable overlapping pieces of the interior It is not noticeable that there is more than one fabric as the design is a seamless flow of fabric pulled together as one garment. 

I caught up with Tomislav as he was catching the moment of preparing for the first set. With only time for one question “asked what was his inspiration and the design. He said with some help in translation that he looks at the women and he sees what inspires him. He stated that when designing the clothes, it’s the woman he thinks of and wishes he could say more. He made sure to note and give credit to his colleague Marko. With just moments before the show, we catch the duo for one last photo.

Sonja Lamut (SOEL)

Sonja has done very well at pleasing her fans when it comes to knowing the look for clean lines in design. Her style mostly monochromatic using pastels in a very light shades. The form of her look is completely different in the top five of this year’s fashion Incubator.
Mona Lacko

The style stands out with bright vivid colours from neon green to neon blue. The dominate colours very contemporary that will get attention. It’s not the typical fall colours however if you’re on the coast it goes perfectly with the Adriatic Sea.

The jury is set to select one of the five designers in this year’s 17th  Portanova fashion Incubator. The title for the Best Young Designer with a cash prize of $10,000 is up for grabs and this includes an invitation to the renowned BIPA

Want to see photos? Click here for Isabella Petrijevčanin’s great captures of this event.


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