VIDEO: Donkey Abandoned on Island of Ravan Successfully Rescued!

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Last night we reported on the horrible situation of a poor donkey abandoned on the island of Ravan in the Sibenik archipelago without any food or access to water in the blazing sunshine.

The police quickly launched a criminal investigation in order to determine the poor animal’s heartless owners, and the local man from Vodice who first discovered her made sure to take food and water to the distressed animal who continually bellowed and clumsily attempted to follow him and his boat by wading out into the sea.

This sad story that could have easily ended tragically has thankfully had a happy ending. The stranded donkey has been successfully rescued.

As Morski writes on the 18th of June, 2019, it’s great to be able to say that the action Morski launched together with a reader (who asked for anonymity) was successfully undertaken, thanks to the Roca family from the island of Kaprije.

Bernard Roca from Kaprije, in agreement with Rokica Ferara, the president of the Tribunj donkey association, decided to rescue and rehome the abandoned donkey from the island of Ravan.

”My daughter called me to say we need to rehome a donkey. We’re here on the island, we have a restaurant, everyone was in agreement and we all went to rescue the donkey. We called Rokica Ferara, and he told us we could take care of the donkey until the owner makes contact, and he’d certainly be in touch because it’s a young animal, no older than one year. Whoever the owner is, they’re certainly not reading the portals,” Roca stated sarcastically.

”It seems to me that somebody has been taking some care of the animal, because there’s a shrub tree and there’s a water container, someone brought water to the donkey, but the donkey is drinking a lot, and so she’s quickly getting thirsty again because the island has no natural source of water,” Roca added.

“People have a few donkeys, so they leave their donkeys on islands for a variety of reasons, like for breeding, or if they’ve got more, some are just left there. But now she’s here with me, she’s sweet, she likes to be petted, she’s learned to be around people.”

Another reader with an obviously big heart also reached out to Morski, who also asks for anonymity:

“We found they donkey after an hour of searching at the other end of the island and brought her to the place where we initially found her, and gave her some water and food. Just after we fed her, Mr. Bernard Roca from the island of Kaprije came, because he received information about the abandoned donkey on Ravan island from social networks. With a lot of effort, we managed to get the donkey onto the boat, and then Mr. Roca took her home to the island of Kaprije with the promise to make sure she gets good treatment.”

Watch the video of the donkey’s happy ending here:

Antea Roca/Facebook

After Morski first published this news, the competent state institutions reacted quickly but still haven’t found the irresponsible owner, but they did make sure to solve the issue within just a few hours after having been alerted to the situation, with the police launching an investigation with a potential prison sentence for the owner as the end result.


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