Top 5 Dugi Otok: Best Beaches on Dugi Otok

Daniela Rogulj

Mario Romulić (Romulic doo)
Mario Romulić (Romulic doo)

Mario Romulić (Romulic doo)

We continue our top beaches series with a relatively unknown island that boasts beaches considered among the most beautiful in the Adriatic: Dugi Otok.


Translating in English to “long island”, Dugi Otok is the seventh largest island in the Adriatic sea, located off the Dalmatian coast west of Zadar. Essentially untouched by tourists and kept wild in nature, Dugi Otok sparkles with limestone, is lush with woodlands, and has a captivating sea so blue you’ll find yourselves in instant paradise. Here are our top 5 picks for the best beaches on this blissful island.

Sakarun: Sakarun, also known as Saharun, is located on the north side of the island in the Zadar archipelago. A white sandy beach coupled with a sea bright with blues has given this beach the reputation as one of the best. Sakarun beach itself is 800 meters long with some parts only 3.5 meters deep, a shallowness perfect for children and families. The beach is surrounded by thick pine trees to escape the sun, and offers two catering facilities perfect for summertime refreshments. Lounge chairs and umbrellas are available to rent, and a miniature train runs the 4 kilometer stretch from Božava to Sakarun daily in the summer.



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Veli Žal: Situated in the Northern part of the island, Veli Žal is located just opposite of Mežanj island, about 5.6 kilometers from village Dragove and 10 kilometers from Brbinj. A beach that is a combination of fine white sand and small pebbles, some parts of the sea are rocky where others have sandy bottoms. Veli Žal measures over a kilometer in length and is uninhabited – a beach that does not boast any facilities other than a rustic beach bar that is convenient for ice cream, cold drinks, and some Croatian sweets. The colors of the sea are a rich blue-green, and it is not uncommon to see dolphins swimming in the distance. A beach only partially shaded by thick pine, Veli Žal does have parking located near the beach.



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Veli Rat: Another beach that is also uninhabited is Veli Rat, located in the northernmost part of the island in Čuna Bay. Veli Rat is famous for their lighthouse, which is surrounded by pebbled beaches, beautiful bays, and thick shaded pine trees. In the vicinity of the lighthouse you will find two small pebbled beaches suitable for children, and a further walk out you’ll be greeted with a rocky coastline. As there are campsites nearby, you can find a beach bar and some facilities. Easily accessible by car, you can also find plenty of parking under the pine trees out of the hot sun.



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Brbinjšćica – Brbinjšćica is a bay located southwest of the town Brbinj, which is northeast on the island of Dugi Otok. Brbinjšćica bay is surrounded by mighty cliffs and numerous caves, and is one of the safest anchorages on Dugi Otok facing the open sea. A secluded bay known to the few who know how to locate it, Brbinjšćica is a great place for diving as well. Due to its isolation, there are no known facilities, so prepare while you’re in Brbinj for a truly secluded cave oasis at Brbinjšćica.



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Lojišće: A hidden gem and truly unspoiled we have Lojišće beach, located at the very southern tip of the Salt Lake “Mir”. A sandy beach, Lojišće is usually very quiet and perfect for an overnight stay. There are no known facilities here – the perfect paradise for isolation and peace.



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