Levy Perfumes, Producer of World’s Largest Perfume, Announces Mia

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May 17, 2023 – Dejan Levačić, a perfume maker from Čakovec and owner of Levy Perfumes, made the world’s largest bottle of perfume back in 2020, as covered by TCN. Certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, standing at 1.91 metres in length, 0.82 metres across, and 0.46 metres wide, and holding 616.18 litres of perfume, the bottle shows a fragrant disregard for the norms of perfumery. 

Three years later, Dejan’s business grew, and he notified us that his little daughter followed in his family’s footsteps. His daughter Mia created her own bottle of luxury perfume, now available at the Levy Perfumes official website. Dejan seemed really proud, and the little one was so happy about her creation that we decided to find out more. Check out our interview with Dejan.

Can you share more about your company, what it’s currently doing, etc.

Levy produces perfumes for its own brand Levy Perfumes but also offers the possibility of producing perfume for clients who want a personalized scent.

What ended up happening with the world’s largest bottle of perfume? Do you still have it, or have you sold it?

The largest perfume bottle in the world has not yet been sold, and this project is in its final stages. We are currently negotiating with the agency that will offer it for sale.


Tell us about your daughter, how old she is, her hobbies, and her interests outside of the world of perfumes. 

Mia is 12 years old and is finishing the 6th grade of primary school. She is an avid fan of cosmetics, so she spends most of her free time following news and trends in that area. She likes to test recipes for natural cosmetics and design new scents. In addition, she helps a lot in the production process. She does simple jobs, but that way, she’s learning the process from start to finish. She enjoys gymnastics, as well as other sports, such as football. She has a pet, a rabbit she named Hilja.

How did your daughter become interested and start thinking about creating her perfume?

Mia showed great interest in cosmetics from an early age. I knew how to talk to her about how I and my mother, Zlatica, got to know the production processes of cosmetics. My mother worked at the Pliva factory, where cosmetics were produced. Looking at our family photo albums, Mia and I talked a lot about it. In recent years, Mia has had a great wish to create her perfume. Her persistence and will enabled her to achieve it. She changed her mind a few times during the process but ultimately got the scent she wanted. She also decided on the bottle’s design with her name printed in golden letters and a golden crown with diamonds as the cap.

What are her main interests when it comes to perfumes? Picking out the fragrances, designing the bottle, or something else?

She is mainly focused on designing the fragrance and the product’s final look, which allows her creativity to shine.

Can you tell us more about Mia’s perfume?

Mia perfume is a rhapsody of fruity floral notes for bold and ambitious women who take the initiative, but it also fits romantic souls. Notes of orchid, strawberry, mandarin, watermelon, pineapple, grapefruit, peony, vanilla, jasmine, and wood notes are composed in this unique fragrance. The perfume was created in a limited edition of 100 glass bottles with a capacity of 50 ml. The cap is a golden crown with little stones resembling diamonds. Her name, Mia, is printed in gold letters on the bottle, which is then packed in a luxurious red box. The perfume contains 20% essence.

The price of the perfume is €100. Some bottles are reserved for regular customers who follow our work; the rest is for the market.


Will there be more from Levy perfumes with Mia’s signature?

Considering her persistence and interest, there is a high probability that Mia is the first in a series of her perfume story.

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