Looking for the Adriatic Bed of the Summer: #1 – Dubrovnik!

Lauren Simmonds

Being creative has always been appealing…

Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway, Homestay, hotels, apartments, hostels, camp sites, park benches, you name it, Dubrovnik has it. There is a place for everyone, if you’re inventive.

We locals on the other hand, drowned in a sea of cruise ships, brought to the brink of insanity in traffic jams and frequently wrongly targeted by over enthusiastic, leaflet wielding kayak merchants, need our own means of escape from it all. In the incredibly harsh summer sunshine, which, as you’ll have seen from our many reports (because we just can’t stop going on about it, it’s terrible) is worse this year than in recent memory thanks to the appropriately named ”Lucifer” the heatwave – we need to be imaginative when it comes to finding our ”zen”, or whatever it is.

One Dubrovnik local who lives in the heart of the Old City obviously decided that he had had more than enough of just doing what regular people do and going to the beach only to be baked alive alongside row after row of other red skinned, slightly disorientated people who have had too many UV rays (and possibly too many beers) hit their already lethargic organisms. Pretending to be a sardine in a can or a lobster in a pot is just not fun for some people, I personally cannot imagine why, can you?

A wonderful photo was posted in a Facebook group that deals with all things Dubrovnik, new, old, past and present, and it turns out that all you really need for a calm, relaxed and easy summer is a bottle of water, a bright blue blanket and something comfortable (okay, tolerable) to lie down on. Oh, and a house, with a roof if possible.

What do you think of this inventive Dubrovnik local’s idea? Some might say that the heat has got to him, and I’ll admit it doesn’t look particularly comfortable, but if it means getting away from the masses and actually being able to relax while you overdose on Vitamin D, then this local creative might have just become a trend setter.

Do you have a photo of a bed on the Adriatic to beat this one? If so send us a photo(s) and a quick description (in Croatian is fine) to [email protected] and the winner at the end of the summer will receive some free Adriatic accommodation – chosen by us!


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