Medulin Craft Beer Festival Showcases 120 Types of Craft Beer!

Lauren Simmonds

As Glas Istre/Patricija Softic writes on the 5th of September, 2019, the Medulin Craft Beer Festival, which followed world trends and created local trends, broke through barriers, was innovative and persistent in the implementation of everything that was planned, and it opened its craft beer barrels for the fifth time in Medulin, Istria.

This year, the Medulin Craft Beer Festival has moved close to Malin from the Medulin waterfront, where there is much more room for a large audience that will certainly take this opportunity to try out some of the best craft beers this year. As one of the organisers, Tomislav Pranjić, announced, as many as 32 breweries from ten European countries have sent or brought their beers to the Medulin-based festival this year, with special emphasis placed on the arrival of fantastic Scandinavian breweries such as Mikkeller, O / O brewing Amundsen, or Omnipoll.

”At the very beginning of our first issue, craft beer was slowly breaking out as a new trend in the beer world, and today it has become an integral part of every respectable bar and restaurant’s offer. We are proud to have succeeded in presenting to the public small craft breweries that, along with the Medulin Craft Beer Festival, have grown over the years, but still produce premium and unique beers.

For the first time, visitors will have the opportunity to taste unique Scandinavian beers, some very rare beers and many novelties that have their premiere right here in Medulin. I think we’ve already succeeded in our intention to, in addition to promoting craft beers, also educate people. We have created an interesting army of people who know the difference between pale ale and stout, for example.

The Medulin Craft Beer Festival has a gift to dictate some of these trends in the region, so that everything that has done well in our country, will be made next year in all small breweries, and our biggest success is that every catering facility has at least several types of craft beer on offer,” stated Pranjić.

This year’s edition of the Medulin Craft Beer Festival will offer all visitors three days of socialising, enjoying premium and rare craft beers, some great music, dancing and delicious fast food that fits perfectly with one of 120 beers on offer.

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