Meet Slavonia 365, Full of Life: The Example that is Domagoj Stojsic

Katarina Anđelković

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August 29, 2023 – In the city of Osijek, where a rich cultural heritage and a modern way of life meet, you’ll find a somewhat unusual 27-year-old. Meet Domagoj Stojsic. At first sight many would assume that he is an artist or an entrepreneur, but the truth is much more interesting – Domagoj has become famous for something else he has been doing for years – selling stuffed toys.

Domagoj’s story is not only a story about selling unusual products, but one about determination, creativity, and resourcefulness in facing the many challenges of the modern world. As SiB writes, this young man gained his reputation by selling toys of different sizes and designs and became a regular sight on the streets of Osijek and in local bars and cafes.

Domagoj Stojsic

Although selling stuffed toys might sound like a bizarre and not a very profitable thing to do, for Domagoj it has become a way of life. Domagoj actually started this business out of necessity. After a series of unsuccessful attempts at employment, he realized that traditional employers were not ready to give him an opportunity. Instead of giving in to despair, Domagoj decided to turn things to his advantage.

With a little goodwill and a lot of enthusiasm, Domagoj started selling handmade stuffed animals to help feed his family – his mother and older brother. Each of his toys is unique and made with care and love. The diverse offer and creative design, but above all Domagoj’s infectious positive energy soon attracted the attention of passers-by and locals who decided to help him turn his idea into a profitable business.

Domagoj Stojsic

The Perks of the Unusual Job of Domagoj stojsic

What is perhaps the most interesting in the whole story is the fact that Domagoj has never left this unusual job, nor does he plan to do so. Regardless of the weather conditions, Domagoj goes from cafe to cafe in the city center almost every day, selling his toys and at the same time bringing a smile to the faces passing by. Many, he says, don’t like him much, but he doesn’t pay attention to that and continues to do his own thing, setting an example for others.

In addition to becoming a famous Osijek face, Domagoj has become an important member of the local community. His presence on the streets and in cafes is not only a matter of sales, but also an opportunity to socialize. Many people know him by name, and his cheerfulness and positive spirit have become an indispensable part of the Osijek landscape.

Domagoj Stojsic

Domagoj hereby invites all those interested people who have stuffed toys that they no longer use, but are in good condition to contact him on his Facebook profile or on the mobile phone number: + 385 99 299 46 00 if they would like to donate or sell him a toy.

In today’s world where competition is fierce and traditional jobs are not always easily available, a story like Domagoj’s reminds us that success comes from different angles. His persistence, creativity, and courage to defy social norms have brought him to where he is today. Domagoj is proof that an extraordinary success story can be built from even the most unusual ideas. His story should serve as an inspiration to many, reminding us that innovation and self-belief are key to coping with life’s obstacles.


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