Meet the Foreign Residents of Croatia: Magician Guy Pardillos from France

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Who are the full-time foreign residents of Croatia? What brought them here, what are they doing, and how are they finding life? A new series from TCN, looking at life in the different regions of Croatia through a foreign eye. We start with a little French flair and magic in Split. 

Moving to a foreign country without the language and trying to find work is never easy, but one man who is managing very well in Split is magician and mentalist Guy Pardillos from France, who has been living in Split for a couple of years. His face may well be familiar to those of you who have dined in some of the better restaurants in Dalmatia, where is a regular and very popular performer. TCN went to meet the mercurial Frenchman.  

1. Tell us how you came to Croatia?

Hi Paul, first of all I would like to thank you and also all the team of Total Croatia News and tell you how much I feel glad to be your first interview.
How did I came to Croatia? Believe it or not by pure “Chance”. In fact it came time for my wife and I to leave Egypt after recent events (3 revolutions). We were looking for a new destination, a new beginning to unpack our bags. Fortunatelly (or not) my wife’s parents are Croatian, her father from Trstenik on the island of Peljesac and her mother from Istria close to Opatija. My wife had wanted to come to live in Croatia for a few years after the death of her father, then we decided to come. Why Split you want to ask me (you know I’m a Mind Reader…). In fact I took a map of Croatia, closed my eyes and put my index finger on the map… I will let you guess where my finger landed on the map 😉

2. A French magician in Split, that sounds a little different. How are you finding getting work?

The particularity of my job helps me to get work most of the time quite easily anywhere in the world, that’s the power of Magic. Generally I meet people, show them some tricks and then by their connections, they introduce me to some restaurant, bar, night clubs or hotels and then I get a job.

When I came here I had the chance to meet some great people like Pero Mika who helped me a lot to find good jobs. Later on I met a famous French chef who was during 3 seasons on prime time national TV. His name is Stephan Macchi and then we became friends, and he helps me also to find jobs here in Split.

3. There has been lots of comment that Split is becoming a gourmet destination. As a Frenchman, you have a better reputation when it comes to food appreciation that us Brits. What is your opinion?

I have been living in Split for 2 years now, and I must admit that I’m quite impressed by the way Split has improved its standards in terms of high class restaurants. You have a lot of choice now here and for all wallets, you can eat a nice sandwich as you can eat local food or you can have a dinner in one of these restaurants with great quality even close to “French Standards”. I met a lot of Chefs here and they are really great and passionate and I would like to tell them “Chapeau bas Messieurs” (in other words I mean Respect).

4. Where else have you lived, and how do you rate the lifestyle in Dalmatia in comparison?

I lived in France of course and in Egypt as well. I think I lived in the extremes. In France I worked and ate in the world famous restaurants and hotels of the French Riviera like Carlton, Martinez, Vista Palace, Grand Hotel de Monaco, La Colombe D’or etc.

And then in Egypt with my wife we ate in some house in the dessert, without water, electricity… all the basics. Sitting on the sand, eating with our fingers with a bright sun under 50 degrees. It was a great experience. To answer to your question, I think Croatia (for us) is a good compromise 🙂

5. Tell us a little about life in Split for you. What is great, and what really annoys you?

OK, it’s now where I will lose all my contacts :))

In fact, I think that like everywhere else you have good and bad people! I’m French you know, nobody is perfect. Maybe due to the language barrier from my side (yes, after 2 years I don’t speak Croatian fluently) I’m faced with some misunderstanding, let’s say. I think people should learn to discuss and try to solve these misunderstandings rather than not answering the phone or text messages, even worse acting with you like a stranger hiding themselves behind fake smile, life is easy and short, why bother yourself with this kind of attitude? That’s it for the “annoying part” 🙂

Other than that, the place is fantastic. Everytime I perform somewhere on the islands or even in Split, I’m thankful for meeting nice people (yes you have a lot of them), great places, amazing villas I don’t speak about the yachts, this year I performed with many yachts like Zepter, you can imagine, every time I feel like I’m still on the French riviera in one of these famous hotels where I performed. No really, you have a LOT of great parts here in Split and as well in Croatia.

6. And we must ask you about Croatian wine. You are known as someone who appreciates a quality red. Is Croatian wine as good as some people are saying?

Croatian wine? I love it, most of them. I’m far from being an expert in wine I’m just an amateur. My friend Stephan Macchi is a real expert in wine, I learned a lot with him even if sometimes I don’t agree with him. For me you have great wines here in Croatia. I would like to say how sad I am about the latest events on Peljesac recently, it’s really sad to lose wine like Grgić in that terrible fire.

I would also like to thank all those great restaurants for where I performed, who helped me improve my wine knowledge. Cheers!

7. Tell us more about your magician and mentalist services, and how can one learn more about you and what you do?

Ouch! Ok, I’m a Mentalist and Magician. These are different activities, one appropriate for any kind of restaurant, bars, party etc. we call it, Close-up Magic.

Close-up magic is the art to perform directly under the eyes of my audience, something like 30cm from their eyes. An example, I will go to the table of your guests while they have a drink and show them some magic tricks with different objects like coins, lighter, cigarettes, cards… perfect for bars and parties. For the restaurant, I will go to the table of the clients between their courses, is like a private show at their table, it helps also when the kichen is busy and the clients are waiting their food, in this case I will entertain them to forget they are waiting.

The mentalism and mind reading performance is more appropriate for the stage, with an act of 1hour, during the show I read minds of my audience, make some predictions, and I have just added a Q & A act. It is like psychic entertainment with answer to their questions about, life, love, job etc.

I opened my company the name is PGX (Pardillos Guy Xavier) and you can find more information on my website: or contact me by phone at 091 288 0 882

And “Tadaaaa” I hope I’ve answered to your questions it was a pleasure for me and I would like to make a trick for you know… Think of a card!

Next time we will meet I will tell you the one you have in mind.

Magically yours…


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