Mlinci from Zagorje Protected as Original Croatian Product on EU Market

Daniela Rogulj

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Mlin Gorički

Mlinci from Zagorje is the 23rd Croatian product to be entered in the Register of Protected Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications, the European Commission announced on Tuesday. reports on June 25, 2019, that mlinci from Zagorje is a bakery product made of the smooth wheat flour type 550, water and salt, which is then rolled and manually stretched into a 2.5 mm thick dough, cut into rectangular pieces and baked in two stages – on heating plates and dried to completion. 

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Mlin Goričk

The finished product is a thin, dried flatbread ranging in a color from white to yellow. It is mostly flat with lightly raised brown bubbles that form from baking.

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Mlin Goričk

The geographical area of the production of Zagorje mlinci covers the area of Hrvatsko Zagorje, i.e., the whole area of Krapina-Zagorje County, the whole area of Varaždin County and the border sections of Zagreb County with Krapina-Zagorje and Varaždin County.

European Quality Labels, or protected designation of origin, protected geographical indication or protected designation of traditional specialty, are designated as products that are protected as such throughout the European Union and are produced following the specifications of the products defined by the manufacturers themselves.

The European seal on the packaging next to the product name is a guarantee of the original product. Thus, it guarantees you are purchasing authentic and controlled products, recognized by the quality and local origin.

The ‘designation of origin’ label refers to a product originating from a particular place, or region. In exceptional cases, this could also include a country whose quality or characteristics are essential or exclusively under the influence of specific natural and human factors of a particular geographical environment and all stages of production take place in a specific geographic area.

The ‘geographical indication’ refers to a product originating from a particular place, region or state whose quality, reputation or other attributes is credited to its geographical origin and whose at least one stage of production takes place in a particular geographical area.

Both labels are related to the geographic area where the product is produced. For the ‘designation of origin’, the applicants must highlight the quality of the product to other similar products and all stages of production must be within the defined geographical area. For the ‘geographical indication’, it is important to prove the reputation and tradition that the product and the name have, and the stage of production that contributes to the main characteristic of the product must take place in the defined geographical area.

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