Top 5 Pašman: Best Beaches on Pašman

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Photo by TZ Pašman
Photo by TZ Pašman

Photo by TZ Pašman

We continue our best beaches series with the island of Pašman, located just south of Zadar and surrounded by the islands Ugljan, Iž, Dugi otok and Kornati.


Pašman is an island located in the Zadar archipelago, separated from the mainland by the Pašman canal which contains ten smaller islands. Covering a surface of 60 km2 and a length of 70km, Pašman has an indented shore which is why it is considered one of the largest Croatian islands – and also the island with the largest green surface.


A perk of Pašman and an element that makes it all the more special is the constantly changing sea current, which every 6 hours changes – making the sea at Pašman the cleanest in the Adriatic. Here are our top 5 picks for best beaches on Pašman.

Barotul Beach (Jackie-O): Barotul beach is located in Mrljane, just 400 meters east of Pašman town – easily reachable by a quick ferry ride from Biograd na Moru. The largest sandy beach on the island itself, this beach extends tens of meters with shallow water and soft white sand. To reach the deeper parts of the sea you’ll need to walk out over 50 meters to even get knee deep, ensuring that this beach is perfect for children, families, and non-swimmers. Barotul beach boasts plenty of natural shade from the pines, plenty of parking, restaurants, cafes, showers, and even activities like beach volleyball. One fun tip: this beach is often times referred to as “Jackie-O” beach as Aristotle Onassis took his newlywed Jackie-O here on their honeymoon.


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Jasenice Beach: Located in the heart of Pašman town we have Jasenice beach. A beach that is partly paved with concrete and partly sandy, this beach is good for all walks of life. Here you’ll find plenty of beach activities like hand tennis and volleyball courts, and you’ll even see the older generations gather around for an old-fashioned game of bocce ball. Because the beach is located in the main town, you will find plenty of facilities at your fingertips including restaurants and cafes.



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jasenice pasman


Lučina Beach: Lučina Beach is located in the bay, about 200 meters west of the Pašman town center. Reachable on foot or by car, this beach is mostly sandy, with some concrete lying areas. A number of shady trees and shrubs line the beach on its outer regions, and there are some pebbled seabeds and rocky sections towards its edges. The shore at Lučina is very shallow and in order to swim you’ll have to walk a few meters out. This beach is especially ideal for small children and non-swimmers, and even dogs are tolerated here! The beach boasts cafes, ice cream shops, and volleyball courts on its surrounding areas, as well as plenty of other facilities nearby. Parking is also easy to find.


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Soline Beach: In the north of the island we have Soline beach, located in Ždrelac region of Pašman. Soline is a beach that has concrete outskirts and a sandy floors at the sea. This beach is also located in the city center of Ždrelac, providing plenty of entertainment and facilities for all to enjoy.

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Sovinje: Located in the southern part of Pašman in Tkon we have Sovinje beach, famous for the campsite of the same name. Sovinje beach is also its own nudist beach just outside of the settlement of Tkon. A sandy beach, Sovinje is also a natural phenomenon to see as the sedimentation of the sand here is constant, creating breathtaking scenery for beach goers. Because the beach is located at a campsite in the largest settlement of Pašman (Tkon), there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and shops along the waterfront. Easy to get to by ferry from Biograd, Sovinje is also popular for sailors and boat owners.


Camping Sovinje nudist beach

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