Apartments, Parking, Garages: “Project of the Century” on Cards for Fažana

Lauren Simmonds

As Glas Istre/Patricija Softic writes on the 3rd of December, 2019, after fifteen very long years of negotiations and a sense of constant uncertainty, as well as at least five changes to conceptual designs, the Council of the Municipality of Fažana unanimously adopted the latest idea for redesigning the area of ​​the former Badel and Istrian factories. Can what is being referred to as the project of the century for this area finally begin?

What is in question is an area covering ​​1.6 hectares along the coast, of which about a third is occupied by the old core of Fažana, and was purchased back in 2006 by the company Liberty, which has Israeli owners.

Since then, there has been controversy between investors and representatives of the municipality about what may and may not be built in this area, and how and when it can or can’t be done. The investors had their initial intentions for the so-called project of the century in this part of Istria cut down to a significantly smaller level by the municipal authorities, insisting first and foremost that the view of the old town of Fažana should not be disturbed in any way.

It seems that this time, the conceptual design for Fažana’s ”project of the century” was finally able to accommodate all desires and needs from both sides. The Mayor of Fažana, Radomir Korać, confirmed this, saying that they could finally be satisfied because all the conditions that the municipality had set for the investors and designers were respected. The project itself was presented to the councilors by Siniša Zdjelar from the award-winning architectural office ZDL Arhitekti from Rijeka.

”Our first goal was not to disturb the view of the centre of Fažana with new buildings, so new residential buildings should follow the height and appearance of the older buildings that are being upgraded, and then these buildings will be slowly enlarged and modernised with architectural solutions according to the planned hotel which is being planned for on the outskirts of the settlement. We connected them all with roads that ideally connect to existing roads and the view of either the sea and Brijuni, or to the bell tower in Fažana’s main square, is open to everyone,” Zdjelar explained.

The plan is currently to build 73 apartments and 27 business premises, an underground garage with 330 parking spaces under residential and commercial buildings, and a hotel with 150 beds and an attached garage with 100 parking spaces. The final acceptance from all sides of Fažana’s ”project of the century” is the result of obtaining a building permit and everything else required for such a construction.

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