Meet Rent A Local, Facilitating All of Your Expat Needs

Daniela Rogulj

August 23, 2020 – Moving to a new country comes with a world of challenges, and the potential language barrier isn’t the only thing you’ll have to overcome. Meet Rent A Local, a new online platform launched in Split to facilitate all of your expat needs. 

Croatia is a dream for foreigners thanks to the sun, sparkling Adriatic Sea, untouched nature, UNESCO heritage and laidback lifestyle. For many, it is heaven on earth, that is, until you have to face the beast that is Croatian bureaucracy.

But what if we told you that these obstacles can now be overcome with the help of a new online platform that is here to serve you and all of your expat needs, from hiring a translator or lawyer to having your hand held through the long and painful residency or citizenship process?

And that’s not all. 

“We’re a group of local experts helping foreign citizens. Rent a local and let him help you with your every need. Whether it is a lawyer, a plumber, to schedule a trip or anything else. Enjoy the best things in Croatia – we’ll handle the stressful ones!” 

TCN met up with Andela Prnjak, the brains behind Rent A Local, to find out more. 

“A few years ago, I came up with this entire idea and the name. I mean, Rent A Local is such a simple and cool name that already tells you everything you need to know. I have a lot of friends who are expats, as well as my boyfriend, and I know the troubles they have to go through. After I went through a lot of the processes with my boyfriend, I learned very quickly that this was anything but easy for expats to do alone. 

I am a producer here with 10 years of experience, and I have worked on a lot of documentaries, movies, commercials and series in Croatia, mostly with international companies, which also gave me a lot of knowledge in this field. I have to work through Croatian bureaucracy often, and if I don’t know the answer to something, I find people who do. Now, I have an enormous group of people here that I can trust and will get things done,” said Prnjak, who added that she could even hire magicians or helicopters for you, should you require such a service. 

“Because my job always required me to push my boundaries, I am now able to take on most of the challenges in Croatia.”

Screenshot 2020-08-23 at 15.26.39.png

When Croatia went on lockdown back in March because of the coronavirus pandemic, Prnjak realized she had a bit more time on her hands – and it was the ideal time to launch Rent A Local. 

“And now, anything you need, from planning a wedding to hiring a boat, or getting your residence permit, we can do. We will link you up with the expert in their field to help you with whatever you need. We won’t just set you up with someone doing this for the first time. We have collected experts that we trust, and we promise you won’t experience any trouble or encounter any problems,” Prnjak added. 

“Everyone we work with is mostly Croatian, though we also know some expats here that are qualified to help you as well. In our first year, we are only going to focus on Croatia, but we plan to expand into other countries in the region. While we are now mostly promoting this service for people in Croatia, because I have worked as a producer in the entire Balkan region, we can potentially help you with your needs in Bosnia or Serbia, too.”

Rent A Local will offer a variety of agreements. Whether you want someone to hold your hand through the entire residency process, or just need to consult a lawyer for advice, anything is possible with Rent A Local. 

“Whatever your problem is, you tell us, and we will handle it how we think best!”

Apartment hunting is always a challenging process for expats. If you’re clueless about where to live or are worried the landlord will take advantage of you, there is a lot more you’ll have to consider than the price. 

“At Rent A Local, our experts will help you find the apartment, our lawyers will look at the contract, and we will protect you in every way we can.”

Screenshot 2020-08-23 at 15.28.27.png

So, what is the craziest thing they’ll do for you?

“For now, all of our inquiries have been for one person that has one specific need, but I am really excited about taking on a group that has a lot of specific needs. And we are talking about something even more challenging than Croatian bureaucracy!” Prnjak says with enthusiasm. 

To conclude, Prnjak sends a message to the expats of Croatia.

“What I have to say to expats is that Croatia is a beautiful country with a great quality of life, but there are just some things that are not worth your stress. So, we are here to help you with that! We want you to take the best of Croatia – and don’t worry about the rest.”

Whether your an expat in Croatia or a local who doesn’t want to go through some of these painful processes, Rent A Local is ready to take on your needs. 

You can learn more about Rent A Local on their official website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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