Good News for Capital as New Tenders for City’s Sava Project Published

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Some welcome Zagreb news as a new tender which aims to ”do up” the Sava riverbank has been announced, but with some cut-backs and amendments in an attempt to reduce problems for potentially interest companies.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 29th of January, 2019, a new tender for the realisation of the planned facilities thought up by the City of Zagreb along the Sava river has been announced. The new facilities along the banks of the river Sava will be, at least according to what we currently know, four cafés, a pavilion for film screenings, and wooden sunbeds.

The Sava’s long-awaited riverside amenities should have appeared in the desired location late last June, and from the City of Zagreb itself, they announced that all the works would be carried out in the scope of the ”Swamp on the River” project, which won the Europan 13 international competition. The Spaniards and the Turks, who had been working on the project, had foreseen pedestrian-cycling paths, sports grounds, kids’ playgrounds, sandy beaches, swimming pools, an outdoor cinema, markets, several viewpoints, and various hospitality facilities. 

All of that would need to be located within an assembly of facilities which could easily be packed away so that things could be safely removed within 24 hours should the Sava’s water level threaten to rise.

All of the above posed a problem for the companies who were supposed to produce the pavilions, as well as take care of their upkeep, meaning that nobody was actually applying to the tender and the whole project was of course far from realised by the previously promised month of June 2018, Vecernji list writes. Meanwhile, the office for strategic planning and city development carried out “consultation with the interested public”, then a new tender was announced, but this has a smaller volume than the one last year did.

The plans for container pools have been thrown out of the tender, so there will be no chance of safely swimming in the Sava, and therefore some millions will be saved to spend on ”doing up” the riverbank itself. Instead of last year’s 7.5 million kuna, five million kuna will be allocated.

Both the east and the west of the ”Hendrix Bridge” will have two pavilions and twenty wooden sunbeds, the east of Freedom Bridge (Most Slobode) will also boast two pavilions, but one will be for watching films, there will also be ten wooden sunbeds placed in that location.

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