Split-Dalmatia Calls Concessionaires to Anti-Cigarette Butts Action

Lauren Simmonds

As Morski writes on the 29th of August, 2019, the Tourism and Maritime Administration of Split-Dalmatia County has invited all concessionaires involved in the hospitality industry and similar sales activities to join the globally popular environmental and civic campaign which advocates for a coastline without the presence of cigarette butts.

The campaign started in Estepona in Spain, and it aims to keep beaches, nautical tourism ports (marinas etc) and sports ports clean and free of cigarette butts.

”You, as concessionaires, are required to actively participate in this campaign by informing your customers and service users – inform them of the need to keep the environment clean through promotional posters that will be delivered to you.

Put out paper ashtrays or cans that can be used as ashtrays. The installation of plastic cups and bowls for the collection of cigarette butts is not allowed. Cans and paper ashtrays can be filled by all those interested, not just by smokers, by collecting cigarette butts. Cans or paper ashtrays filled with cigarette butts shall then be ”exchanged” for a free drink if the concessionaire carries out hospitality services,” reads a letter sent by the Tourism and Maritime Administration to all local concessionaires.

In addition, a non-extinguished cigarette butt is often the cause of a fire, so fire prevention would also be carried out in this way.

”Split-Dalmatia County will, within its means, provide funds for the campaign to be carried out as successfully as possible in the form of brochures, paper ashtrays, posters and media visibility,” a letter to Split-Dalmatia County’s concessionaires read, asking them to express their interest in participating in this praiseworthy campaign.

It is a reminder that this excellent campaign was initially launched this summer in Estepona, a popular summer resort located on the coast of southern Spain.

In order to keep their beautiful sandy beaches clean, they thought up, in collaboration with local hospitality workers, the idea that anyone who brings an adequate container filled with cigarette butts gets a free beer or some other refreshing soft drink. 

This has since grown into a very popular environmental campaign that, in addition to keeping beaches clean, also protects the underwater world. The campaign has quickly expanded across the entire Mediterranean and has, as we have reported previously, now reached the Croatian coast.

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