Starry Pleasures at the Aurea Fest Music Festival in Požega

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TCN’s Slobodan Kadic enjoys Spicy Cabbage Rolls And the Drunken Slavonian Enchants Guests Once Again…

Now when the lights on the stage of the Aurea Fest Music Festival in Požega have been turned off – it is time to say something about the food that this year took the breath away of all the performers and visitors. The official festival wine was superb Graševina Kutjevo, served in the VIP tent with grapes on glasses which lifted the spirits of everyone and once again showed to all the guests that they indeed are in a vine-growing region. Also served were various spirits and Baron from Zvečevo, which once again made the cool, rainy nights in Požega a little bit easier to endure.

During the last two evenings of the festival, a rich buffet beckoned with its starry delights in the VIP tent located next to the City House in the center of the Athens of Slavonia. Beautifully lit up, thanks to the expert Igor Hruškar, it was a place full of good food and prestige. The hospitality was taken care of by the students of the Požega Trade School, who were careful that the guests have everything they need and that their glasses are always full…

The tables in Požega were full of the legendary Slavonian cold plates – kulen, ham and cheese, cabbage rolls without which the festival would be unthinkable and which this year had a certain special piquancy and have again impressed even an experienced “gastronaut” like myself… Honestly, many of the long-time festival guests remember this festival especially because of them. Those who resisted the stuffed cabbage rolls from Požega could try the Drunken Slavonian – a pork fillet stuffed with prunes in a delicious brandy sauce…

But that was not all Zora Šutalo and her legendary Color Team had prepared for the guests from all over the region. On the offer were beef hunter’s steaks, chicken rolls with bacon, baked potato halves with bacon and onions, and the Color Steak (a pork fillet stuffed with boiled eggs). For the second part of the feast, you could choose the spinach and cottage cheese rolls with garlic, or rolled and supernaturally crispy pork on a spit. Baked mushrooms were wonderfully tasty, just like a myriad of different salads – from Mexican to French. Cakes, pies, “gužvara” with poppy seeds, cheese and bread rolls were treats for the end, just before midnight – or a little bit later.

Cooking and singing have always gone together, explains Šutalo, also known as the author of many songs by Cecilia. “If you start your day with a song, you will finish it that way. Also, if the chef does his job accompanied by a song, then he will add to the meal the fun and charms of his soul, and after the feast that will be felt and enjoyed by everybody’s palates. It is inconceivable to come to visit someone in the heart of Slavonia and not try our specialties”, says Šutalo who also invited us to come to her restaurant Cool for buns with jam. We have naturally accept the invitation because those buns were another stars of the night and we have promised her we will come again…

And so, once again, the Aurea Fest has presented not only the nice songs on the stage, but also everything that the Požega area can offer to the world of gastronomy – the wonderful diversity and perfect flavors, all in one place.

And so on…

After the rich Slavonian feast, we simply had to visit some of the countless cafes in Požega, which have made sure that the rest of the evening would be equally magical. Although the Saloon Club was not our only destination, we can still remember the fineness of the warmed brandy which was showered upon us. To feel the scent of brandy penetrating the nostrils, after the glass is shaken just a little in the palm, and to feel the sweet taste spilling all over the mouth – it is a special experience that requires a separate article. And then, the morning came.

Goodbye Požega, see you next year!


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