Trip Report: Driving from UK to Croatia on May 19 – 20, 2020

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May 21, 2020 – Travel from the UK to Croatia IS possible. Photographer timotej on his journey across Europe on May 18 – 19, 2020. 

With so much uncertainty in travel at the moment, finding credible sources on travel in the current reality is proving quite difficult. Last week TCN reported on a Belgian national had managed to drive from Brussels to the south side of Hvar, which was a very popular post

I am very grateful to photographer timotej for allowing me to publish details of his recent trip, from the UK to Croatia. This was timotej’s experience:

If anyone is interested this was my experience driving from England to Croatia on 18-19 May, 2020?

For this journey I had to travel through England, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovenia to enter Croatia. Here was the border experience at each country. I was traveling with a British passport. 14-hour drive…

England – Asked to see and scan the passport and looked at car papers. Asked where are you traveling to and if I had Covid19 at any time. Let me through. Then into the Euro tunnel to cross the sea..

France – Shockingly no French border control after exiting the Euro tunnel. There was nothing from the French on the English side too. Nothing going out..

Holland – No border control. In and out..Belgium – No border control. In and out..Germany – No border control. In and out..

Austria – Asked to see passport and car papers. I think they are only asking for car papers because it’s a nice car and I look too young to own it. Nothing on the way out..

Slovenia – The only country that checked passport on the way in and out. Nothing more..

Croatia – Like England checked AND scanned passport. Asked destination where I’m going to in Croatia. I was entering during morning hours. They didn’t ask for any other proofs for anything..

Other observations:.

1. You must wear a mask to enter petrol stations everywhere.

2. The roads are almost empty of cars. Just trucks and lorries.

3. The women at the border controls were much more serious, and the men totally relaxed…

This was the experience. This does not mean you will 100% for sure have the same one. It’s also possible things change any day/week. Which is why I believe it’s important for every country to provide daily updates for everyone on any changes…If anyone makes a trip to Croatia by plane or car let me know how it goes. Really interested.

Have you driven across Europe to Croatia in the last few days? Please contact us with your experiences on [email protected] Subject Across Europe with your stories. 

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