Two New Attractions for Koprivnica Renaissance Festival

Lauren Simmonds

While exposure has unarguably improved recently, continental Croatia still doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of praise it deserves.

Many parts of the otherwise greatly (and wrongly) overlooked continental parts of Croatia boast incredibly interesting historical backgrounds, particularly because this part of Europe has seen various different people, cultures and civilisations settle here over the centuries, each of them bringing and leaving a piece of themselves.

The glorious Renaissance period is just one part of this long history, and Koprivnica has gone from strength to strength with its presentation through the means of a festival.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 18th of August, 2018, the thirteenth edition of Koprivnica’s popular Renaissance Festival, under the organisation of the Tourist Board of Koprivnica, brings with it two new attractions for 2018. 

One of the new things on offer is the discovery of the secrets of iron and the second is the largest wooden maze in this part of Europe.

Just how this huge maze will look like, and what else visitors to the Renaissance Festival can expect within its intricate corridors, will be seen first by media representatives as soon as on Monday, August the 20th at 11:00, when a press conference is also scheduled. There will also be discussions and presentations of the very final preparations for the largest medieval festival in this part of Europe.

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