10 Popular Croatian Dishes Powered by Vegeta

Daniela Rogulj


December 17, 2019 – Vegeta, one of Croatia’s most recognizable brands, celebrates 60 years.

I have to be honest – when the TCN boss came up with the idea to share ten Croatian recipes powered by Vegeta in honor of the brand’s 60th birthday, I was a bit thrown off guard. “Isn’t Vegeta in every Croatian dish?” 

At least that’s what I grew up believing, considering Vegeta always seemed to be the secret ingredient to all of my mother’s best dishes. You could find the Vegeta right next to the olive oil, salt and pepper in my house; it was and remains a staple in our kitchen and the kitchens of Croatians around the world. 

This powerful seasoning is crafted with carefully selected aromatic herbs and spices and is used to add some mood to your food. Vegeta is so diverse, it can pep up anything from pasta to pašteta or paprikaš to peka. It gives life to a basic brudet and spices up the simplest soups. Vegeta is a friend of fish and a foe to no one. It is the trump card of Croatian chefs and will go down in history as one of Croatia’s biggest victories. 


Thus, to help mark Vegeta’s 60th birthday, we’re bringing you 10 Croatian recipes fuelled by this powerful ingredient, courtesy of the Vegeta brand itself.

Beef medallions made the Dalmatian way (Juneći medaljoni na dalmatinski): This simple meat dish adds a touch of Dalmatia, a tablespoon of Vegeta, and thick slices of skuta cheese. 

Stuffed pancakes a la Sarma (Punjene palačinke á la sarma): This recipe marries the best of both worlds by fusing two beloved Croatian dishes – pancakes and sarma, into one great meal.  One spoonful of Vegeta Maestro Kim does the trick. 

Zagorje Potato Soup (Zagorska juha od krumpira): Hailing from Croatia’s northern parts, this hearty potato soup combines a variety of Vegeta’s products, dried bacon, and sour cream. 



Holiday soup with dumplings (Blagdanska juha s gris – knedlama): A staple at most Croatian lunches, be it during the holidays or not, is clear broth soup, usually made from chicken or beef. Many households dress it up with dumplings, though it would be nothing without two spoonfuls of Croatia’s secret weapon.

Zucchini fritters (Popečci od tikvica): I always looked forward to zucchini season as our dinner table abounded in my favorite fritters. A dish I watched my baba make as a child and my mother as a quick dinner fix as I grew older, our favorite seasoning takes simple fritters to the next level.



Chicken Pâté (Pašteta od pilećih jetrica): With pašteta already so easy to acquire on Croatian supermarket shelves, why would anyone bother making it themselves? Well, this way, you can add a dash of Vegeta – and this recipe boasts a fancy New Year’s Eve touch.

Orada with potatoes and scallions (Orada s krumpirom i mladim lukom): A grilled fish dish so good you’ll never look back. Orada is readily found along Croatia’s coast, usually served with potatoes and Swiss chard. This recipe may add a twist with the scallions, but the star ingredient is no surprise.



Stuffed Peppers (Punjene Paprike): If you skipped this on your Croatian holiday, then you haven’t been to Croatia at all. Usually served over piping hot mashed potatoes soaked in the pepper’s sauce, this Croatian classic is a summer standard.

Brudet: Another favorite enjoyed along Croatia’s coast is brudet – a stew made of a mix of fish, olive oil, vinegar, tomato sauce, and wine. Brudet is often served on a bed of polenta to ensure you soak up every last drop. 

White Cod (more commonly known as Bakalar na bijelo): The key to a Croatian Christmas is bakalar, or cod fish. Prepared in two ways, ‘red’ or ‘white’, this recipe opts for the bianco version, boasting plenty of potatoes, garlic, and olive oil.



Vegeta is sold in 50 markets globally. Get out to get it now!

To read more about lifestyle in Croatia, follow TCN’s dedicated page.


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