Car Hacking Protection Solution Being Developed in Zagreb

Lauren Simmonds

November the 7th, 2020 – Car hacking is the latest issue facing modern vehicles, and innovative car hacking protection systems and solutions are being developed right here in Zagreb.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Sergej Novosel Vuckovic writes, modern cars are no longer just vehicles that we spend little time thinking about unless we’re either lusting after an extortionately expensive model, we’re running low on fuel or we’re making sure they’re properly serviced and insured.

In their own way, cars are the latest in the application of new technologies, mobile data centres, primarily in connection to the Internet, which provides drivers and users with an additional level of service and comfort, but at the same time making the car vulnerable. Due to their increasing levels of connectivity, car hacking crimes have jumped by an incredible 600+  percent from 2016 until today, according to data from Upstream Security.

Vehicle safety is under threat in a way that we haven’t experienced before, and those who are involved in the development of car hacking protection solutions are the experts working at GlobalLogic Croatia, a branch of an American company, a leader in product engineering, especially for the automotive industry. Here in Zagreb, they are developing innovative car hacking protection solutions for application in the field of security, communication and optimisation of algorithms in cars, as they explained from GlobalLogic Croatia.

”As entertainment and security systems are connected to the internet and are, as such, vulnerable to potential attacks by unauthorised persons, car security professionals must increasingly take special care to prevent such attacks from happening to them. Computers in cars connected to the Internet are becoming more efficient, and driving is safer, cheaper and more comfortable. We’re already seeing autonomous vehicles, and people’s expectations from entertainment and safety systems are constantly increasing. This means that in-car IT systems will have to handle an increasing amount of data, which is equal to the greater possibility of attack by cybercriminals. The user often allows unauthorised access to their vehicle’s systems unknowingly via their smartphone, a poorly secured WiFi network or an insecure car in the car park,” warned Vladimir Kosanovic, the director of GlobalLogic Croatia, adding that in the future, more money will need to be invested in the prevention of car hacking.

According to Kosanovic, this is also a challenge for software engineers who, in addition to mechanical security, must also work on digital car security, in order to thwart previously unimaginable hacker deeds such as manipulating a moving car engine or a vehicle’s brakes, changing speedometer readings, opening locks and windows, and switching off the lights.

In Croatia’s GlobalLogic office here in the capital, they are busy creating car hacking protection solutions and software tools that will protect millions of lines of code in the car’s software as much as possible.

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