Čermak Wants to Invest 65 Million Euro in Zadar

Lauren Simmonds

Good news for Zadar.

As Morski writes on the 31st of January, 2018, even though it seemed that the Zadar company Tankerkomerc, which had been on the brink of bankruptcy and burdened with debt of about 250 million kuna, would be one of a number of those who were set to go into the history books, with its employees subsequently heading for the job centre, it seems that hundreds of workers can now sleep peacefully, and soon new jobs will be opening within that company.

As Zadarski List originally reported, Ivan Čermak, the Croatian general and entrepreneur, is the owner of the company, “Crodux Derivati ​​Dva”, with a capital of 364.6 million kuna, which today purchased the bank claims and shares from the small shareholders of the company and became the owner of 33,95 percent of the shares.

”We’re in the process of settling debts that Tankerkomerc has towards the state, a stock purchase by small shareholders is underway, so Tankerkomerc will soon be ‘clean” and we’re the only lender and owner. As for court disputes that the company has been in for years and which are still ongoing, we’ll continue and fight to get a concession for the Marina,” stated Čermak. Although not precise, it was suggested that there is already a Marina modernisation plan in the works for the center of Zadar.

Investing in Gaženica

“We’re planning to spread the work throughout Zadar, investing primarily in the terminal that is our priority, but also in the accompanying content. We went to Gaženica three years ago and invested three million euro in order to meet all the necessary technical conditions and regulations and to enable the [project of the] terminal to begin. At the terminal, we carry over 200,000 tons of cargo annually, and we’re about to modernise the existing terminal and build a new modern roadway for road tankers. It’s also our intention to modernise and construct a new railroad as well as new storage facilities with an additional 80,000 cubic meters. The projects I’m talking about have been estimated at more than 25 million euro,” said Čermak.

Investing in tourism

“At this point, it’s too early to talk about tourism-related plans. What I can say, is that our projects will surely bring Zadar to a higher level as a tourist destination, and fit into the city’s vision of what makes it attractive and recognisable. If all goes according to plan, our total investment in Zadar will reach 65 million euro,” Čermak stated encouragingly, adding that he will present all the projects to all those necessary when the time comes.

Otherwise, the company “Crodux Derivati ​​Dva” currently employs around 900 people on the territory of Croatia, and as the owner, General Ivan Čermak tells us, by the end of the year, with the planned expansion of jobs, including the construction of ten new companies (250 new employees) that number will double.

”In all of our companies, we currently have about 1,500 employees, and if everything goes according to plan by the end of this year, we believe we will reach the number of 2000 employees. We’re a serious company, we work, spread jobs throughout Croatia and have capable people so there shouldn’t be any problems in realising planned plans,” noted Čermak.

Čermak expects understanding from the state

Tankerkomerc has been in dispute with the state for concessions for Marina Zadar for years, but the previous verdicts, especially that of the High Commercial Court, didn’t benefit them.

Moreover, the concession was taken away, and before the Commercial Court in Zadar, on the last working day of last year, the County State Attorney’s Office filed a lawsuit charging Tankerkomerc for the unlawful use of the concession and seeking payment of five million kuna.

The procedure initiated by Tankerkomerc, which relates to their request to DORH to verify the lawfulness of these crucial judgments, which would see the Supreme Court give the final say, was not completed.

Tankerkomerc warned that the Ministry was not authorised to issue a decision rejecting the conversion, but that such a decision would be made only by the government, which could cancel Tankerkomerc’s contract and SO Zadar.

As is well known, the bid that took place shortly after the announcement was put into standstill due to court disputes during SDP’s Siniša Hajdaš Dončić’s mandate, and the situation didn’t change even with the arrival of HDZ’s Oleg Butković.

”If good deeds and reasonable people find themselves at the same table, then all disputes and problems can be resolved. I expect understanding and nothing else. It would be unnatural for the entire company to just take a concession and ignore debt repayments and additional investments,” concluded Čermak.


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