How Will Cafes and Restaurants in Croatia Work from May 11? The Details

Daniela Rogulj

e May 8, 2020 – The Croatian Institute of Public Health published detailed recommendations for catering facilities in Croatia on Thursday morning as cafes and restaurants can re-open from Monday, May 11. reports that to prevent the spread of infection while visiting catering facilities with and without terraces, and catering facilities in accommodation facilities, it is necessary to ensure a physical distance between visitors and between visitors and employees.

Working hours from 6 am to 11 pm, and work will be allowed inside, as well

Organization of work: Working hours of catering facilities are possible from 6 hours to 23 hours. In the facilities, tables are kept empty until guests arrive, and utensils are served when guests sit down. Menus should be displayed at the entrance or another visible place, and in plastic, that is, classic forms of the menu should be removed. Visitors can be given a verbal recommendation, or something similar, to express the food and drinks offer.

Limit the total number of visitors: The limit on the number of visitors can be achieved by setting the tables 1.5 m apart. The entry of guests is regulated in such a way that the next visitor or group of visitors can enter only when the previous group of visitors leaves. The physical distance between individual groups of visitors must be at least 1.5 m. Tables should be arranged to maintain a physical distance of 1.5 m between the tables, or between different groups of guests. Organized groups of guests can sit at tables, and the distance between individual groups of guests in the facility must be at least 1.5 m. For example, members of one family sit 1.5 m away from another group of guests, even if it is a long table that is intended for seating multiple people.

Serving food and drink: Visitors can also order a meal or drink in the restaurant, which they will take with them and consume on the terrace or outdoors. When ordering, a physical distance of at least 1.5 m between customers waiting in line must be observed. It is possible to order and pick up food or drink at the bar without delay, i.e., you cannot stay at the bar. Also, it is possible to serve standing guests if they keep a physical distance, without high tables, with consumption by hand.

Employee that serves guests on the outside of the facility: One employee is appointed who serves a pre-determined number of tables to minimize the mixing of employees and guests. Between charging for the service and serving individual visitors, the employee must disinfect their hands.

Hotel policies

Special rules for catering facilities in accommodation facilities and others that serve buffet-style: In these facilities, it is recommended that visitors maintain a physical distance of 1.5 m during their stay, and especially when serving meals in a buffet manner, unless they are members of the same family when members of the same family don’t need to maintain a distance during their stay in the restaurant. It is recommended that the buffet mode of serving be carried out so that there is a partition between the guests and the food and that one employee serves the guest’s food according to their choice. Other measures of physical distance related to family or other groups of visitors who use the services in the group are the same as for all other catering facilities.

Health protection of visitors and staff; Refers to sales and staff service: Everyone should always have a disinfectant available to disinfect their hands periodically. If possible, it is recommended to provide a space of at least 1.5 m between the server or cashier and the customer when issuing goods and paying for goods, or if possible, install a protective barrier at the place of service and at the cash register, which will physically separate the cashier from the customer. Contactless payment by bank cards should be encouraged.

No handing out newspapers or serving snacks at the tables

Caterers should adhere to the highest hygiene standards and wash their hands with warm water and soap as often as possible with the use of hand sanitizer, certainly before serving guests to each new table. Adapted to the epidemiological situation, it is currently recommended that air conditioners be out of use and that the space be ventilated.

After the departure of each group of guests, the table, chairs, and other surfaces that the guests touched must be wiped with disinfectant, i.e., the tablecloths must be removed even if they are not visibly soiled.

It is forbidden to serve snacks in bowls, and salt/pepper, oil/vinegar, and other spices cannot be left on the tables, but new, previously washed or disinfected dishes are brought for each group of new guests.

The use of shared newspapers, magazines and other printed matter in catering establishments is prohibited.

Cleaning and disinfection of the space: At the entrance to the facility, visitors should be provided with a hand sanitizer dispenser and a clearly displayed notice that it is mandatory to disinfect hands when entering. Also, the entrance should clearly display a notice that it is mandatory to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 m between visitors and between visitors and staff. Door handles and handrails, handrail surfaces, and door edges on refrigerators, as well as other surfaces that are noticed to be frequently touched by customers, should be continuously wiped with alcohol-based disinfectant or other means according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Indoor areas where guests are staying should be regularly ventilated.

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