Croatian Dogma Socks Ready to Conquer Foreign Markets

Lauren Simmonds

As Novac/Vid Baric writes on the 4th of October, 2019, some Croatian socks, more specifically from the Dogma Socks brand from Samobor, are ready to take on foreign markets.

”The idea came before my departure for the Olympics. I wanted to make sports socks that I’d perform in when in Sochi, and that was relatively easy for me, considering that my family has owned a sock factory for thirty years, which, admittedly, aren’t socks for sports, but for everyday life.

I made these socks, took them to the Olympics, and then went on to develop my own brand. I didn’t think it would become my business, but I started little by little and now it’s more of a serious story,” stated Morena Makar, who until a few years ago, was the best Croatian snowboarder in the halfpipe discipline. She has a rich World Cup career behind her, as well as a historic placement at the Olympics.

The Makar family sock factory is located in Samobor, where her Dogma socks are made, a brand specialising in running, skiing/snowboarding, hiking, trekking… Morena spent half of her life wearing such socks, snowboarding all over the world, and she therefore knew what do do and how to do it to get a quality and functional sports sock.

These are the first such socks to be made in Croatia, and Makar runs a totally one girl show here. She procures her materials from Switzerland, Spain and Slovenia, designs the product herself, designs its functionality, monitors the production, packages them, advertises them and distributes them, all by herself. Since she started taking the Dogma socks story more seriously, she says, she’s managed to sell up to twenty thousand pairs of socks a year, and they can be purchased in Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Romania, in addition to specialised sports stores operating here in Croatia. Dogma socks will also be available on Amazon’s popular webshop soon.

”I’m surrounded by socks from dawn til dusk. I dream of them!” the girl who has already conquered the Croatian market says, and now it’s time for Dogma socks to ”introduce themselves” to foreigners and find their place on foreign markets.

She is aided by some top influencers/athletes she has on her team and who are spreading the word about her products. If everything goes according to plan, the two top snowboarders should perform wearing Croatian Dogma socks at the next Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

”Croatia is a relatively small market for such a product, the focus is now to conquer foreign markets and become a recognisable brand there. It was difficult in the beginning, people are distrustful because they’ve never heard of us, but over time, that will go away,” explained Makar, who over the years has collaborated with the heroes from the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS), who help people in need, while wearing Dogma socks.

”HGSS rescuers tried my socks out two years ago. They liked them and I even developed one line specifically for them. We continued our cooperation and this year we decided to make products marked with their logo. I like this story because a percentage of the sales revenue of these socks goes to HGSS and their work, and our products are credible and validated by individuals to whom functional socks matter a lot,” Makar stated, before continuing on the line of the details of Dogma socks, in which a lot effort and thought has been invested.

”I develop models in collaboration with athletes who test out prototypes and further develop socks with me. In the Dogma family we have athletes, marathoners, triathletes, snowboarders… top athletes from all over the world who know what kind of product they need and what could change in the technology of making socks,” Makar explains, whose socks, depending on model and purpose, contain various agents, as well as callus neutralisers, they’re also made from quick-drying materials.

It’s worth mentioning that many of Dogma’s models are seam free, which further prevents the possibility of calluses, and there is Aircon technology that regulates the temperature of your feet. When you’re cold, they will keep you warm, when you are hot, they will keep you cold. The socks will remain dry and will not moisten your feet.

Skiers, mountaineers and snowboarders, however, wear Dogma socks made of merino wool because it has proven to be the best material for this kind of activity. Socks seem to have become a real science.

Makar agrees, claiming that the importance of proper socks has long been underestimated. Today, many don’t see the value of a good, functional sock, and in Croatia everything revolves around the white socks that everyone wants, no matter what they do or what kind of sport they’re into.

”We at Dogma are trying to change that,” Morena Makar replies, adding that she has also been able to develop functional material to prevent odors. These socks were tested by the HGSS guys, too, confirming that it works.

”It’s also very important to us that our production doesn’t harm the environment. Therefore, our packaging is made from recycled materials and our socks are made with environmentally certified materials. We also try to use as little plastic as possible in our production,” explains Morena Makar, adding that Dogma, which started with socks, now also produces functional sports T-shirts, as well as various other sports accessories of a functional nature, such as winter hats, sweaters and headgear.

A few years since Sochi took place, the world is richer for Croatia’s Dogma socks, socks that Makar claims can really enhance the training of top athletes.

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