Enosophia: First Wine with Interactive AR Label on Croatian Market

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As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Enosophia is the new face of the Croatian wine scene, a new brand from the Slavonian winery Feravino, which was presented to the public in the Zagreb restaurant La Grma. Enosophia, which in Greek means the wisdom of wine (from the words enos = wine and sophia = wisdom) is said to have originated as a result of development based on a long tradition, investment and ambition to create a quality wine story.

That is showcased by the fact that Enosophia, although a novelty here on the Croatian wine market, was developed as part of the natural process of growth and development of the Feravino brand.

“Through the new brand, we want to provide our consumers with added value, not only through raising the quality of our products but also through taking a holistic approach to the brand. It implies care for people, ecology and sustainable development as well as positioning Slavonia as a desirable wine tourism destination,” they stated at the promotion of Enosophia.

“We’re extremely happy to present Enosophia as a result of our winery’s new development strategy and long-term sustainability. It includes significant investments in the development of the winery, the main goal of which is the development of Slavonia to be among the best wine destinations in Croatia. By caring for the sustainable development of the Fericanj area, we want to work on the return of young people to whom we can provide secure jobs and development prospects. We want to do this through and with our new brand Enosophia, which was developed by a team of dedicated and motivated people guided by a common vision,” said Ivan Ergovic on behalf of the family.

Ivan Maricic, the director of the Osilovac company, added that Enosophia wants to be a modern winery based on the principles of sustainability and social responsibility, with innovative wines from the Fericanac vineyards.

“With the new Enosphia brand, we’ve gone through a demanding rebranding process guided by a clear vision that we want to be the best. And that in creating the best wine, we want the best teams, educated consumers and a better, more sustainable environment. Enosophia is a story we want to share because consumers today are looking for more than just products. They want a story, an emotion and an experience and that’s exactly what makes Enosophia unique. We believe that our consumers will recognise the excellence, innovation and approach behind this wine story,” stated the director of Osilovac.

A team of oenological experts, including Lucija Kuzir and Martin Kovacevic, is responsible for the development of the new Feravin brand.

The first two wines in the new “spirit” are Grasevina TRS No. 5 and the Matarouge rose, which is adorned with an interactive label with the features of AR (augmented reality), from which information about the wine and the producer can be read. According to the winery, it is the first of its kind in the Croatian wine industry, combining technology and wine in order to appeal to younger consumers.

According to the label, the Winery in Fericanci has had a cellar since back in 1804, and last year a new cellar was opened, which is a kind of synergy of tradition and modernity. Grapes in the Fericanci vineyards are grown on 160 hectares of vineyards and the presentation demonstrated how Enosophia goes with food, and the dishes that go well with these wines were designed by chef Goran Kocis, a holder of the Michelin star.

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