Capitol Park: British Investors Building Shopping Centre in Križevci

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As Poslovni Dnevnik/Jadranka Dozan/Sergej Novosel Vuckovic writes on the 4th of June, 2019, the continental Croatian town of Križevci is set to get a shopping destination covering more than 4,000 square metres this autumn under the title of Capitol Park Križevci, and new retail jobs for the local population will be opened, both in retail itself and in the initial construction of the premises.

The news about this investment was initially announced by Podravski List recently, citing unofficial information that the investor, the British investment group Poseidon, will invest about 15 million kuna into the shopping centre.

This British company, which deals with investment, development and real estate management in the business, housing and tourism sector, has expressed no desire to comment on the as yet unofficial figures in regard to the investment itself. It neither confirms nor denies the aforementioned figure. But they were happy to point out that Križevci will get a brand new shopping park that will “eventually employ more than fifty people, thus stimulating the local economy”.

With the Križevci project, they say, they are continuing to expand their retail portfolio by strengthening the brand of Capitol Park in South East Europe. Most of the investments outside of their domestic market are directed precisely towards countries that make up the former Yugoslavia; including Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here in Croatia, both Makarska and Split have gained Capitol Park’s much earlier on, and the British company has now announced that they will open five more such centres next year.

The completion of the up and coming Križevci premises will be carried out in two different phases, the first being opened in August (with Spar instead of Konzum), and the second a bit later on, in October. The location in Križevci, which is more precisely located on Smičiklasova ulica, was allegedly purchased from Raiffeisen Bank by Poseidon, according to a report from Podravski list. The British company apparently aims to change the shopping centre concept considerably.

Instead of Konzum as the principal tenant along with a few of the other ”usual suspects” such as Muller, names like Spar and Bipa will occupy the space, and they’re counting on New Yorker too, among other well known retail names.

Britain’s Poseidon Investment Group’s investment portfolio of around 1.2 billion euros is highlighted on its web page. In the area of ​​shopping malls under the brand Capitol Park in Southeast Europe, its portfolio exceeds 60,000 square metres, and in planning and construction there are more than 400 residential buildings

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