Smart Bench Entrepreneur: “We Pay Taxes So That Politicians Can Sh…t on Us”

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Ivan Mrvoš writes what most people think.

Ivan Mrvoš, the inventor of the first smart bench in Europe, has written a post on Facebook which has gone viral. In it, he explains that he is apolitical and unwilling to comment on politics on Facebook, but a number of scandalous recent statements by prominent politicians have prompted him to write the post. The direct reason was a prominent HDZ member from Split who criticised all those who publicly write about the reasons why they are living Croatia, reports on September 26, 2017.

“I have been apolitical since my birth. My parents have never been members of any political party, and that is probably the best thing that has happened to me in my life. On the other hand, that is probably why we have spent most of our lives working hard and fighting for every kuna.

I do not comment on politics. I follow it because it has been imposed on us – not only in Croatia but in the whole world. I keep my attitudes and opinions in 99% of cases just for myself, only occasionally commenting with my colleagues or friends on the comedy which is called politics in Croatia.

After this morning’s standard review of the news, I have to say that I am sick of this life. A man who works as an advisor to the Mayor of Split wrote on his Facebook profile that another citizen of the same city is an idiot and that he can leave Croatia is he wants, because nobody will be sorry that he is gone.

Why did he write this about him? Because the citizen had expressed his opinion. Because he has had enough with the situation in this country. And what kind of response has he received from a person who is supposed to work FOR HIM? Spitting… In other words, precisely what Croatian politics is all about.

And then there are incredible statements by our politicians over the last few months, which absolutely no one in this country has commented on. My favourite is Health Minister Milan Kujundžić. “There are four ways by which we could raise three billion kunas, without endangering the living standard of citizens… I am talking about gambling and cell phones.”
I am glad that Mr Kujundžić has determined what a threat for the living standards of citizens is and what is not. What is a few kunas more – a few more for mobile phone, a few more for electricity, a few more for water. Just a few hundred kunas. But what is that to the high standard of living our citizens have? Nothing!

President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović: “People today have a free choice and can leave if they think that it is not good enough for them here.” In other words: “We do not care about you, and if you are not satisfied with life in Croatia, you are free to leave.”

Finance Minister Zdravko Marić: “I am sick and tired of government being under constant blackmail and pressures”. He said this while commenting on Valamar’s decision to abandon a large investment project in tourism… This is absolutely the biggest WTF. If I were the CEO of Valamar, I would demand Mr Marić to personally apologise for such a statement. Marić is supposed to work for citizens and entrepreneurs, and not the other way around. He should do EVERYTHING needed to make this investment happen, and not attack Valamar.

I could continue in this way forever. And yes, it turned out that all the people quoted here are members of one political party, but does not mean that I support the other side or that they have constructive proposals, on the contrary.

How do you know that you have had enough? When you get up in the morning and start thinking about whether you really need all of this. When you find yourself watching the evening news, and you realise that you have accumulated an enormous amount of hate and negativity in just 45 minutes. That is how I have been feeling in the last few months. I am a hostage of people who lead us.

The worst thing is when you realise that hundreds of thousands of kunas you have paid into the state budget in the last three years have been used for salaries of politicians who are sh…tting all over you and over everybody who does not share their opinion.

Honestly, if I had just two or three employees in my company, I would leave immediately. Since we have 40 employees, I cannot do that, and I do not want to. Why? Because I am 100% stupid and I want to give an example to young people in Croatia. Not that you can succeed here – but that you can succeed anywhere. If you are persistent enough and if you believe in what you are doing. Regardless of the obstacles and the problems you face – success is possible.

I do not ask for anything from Croatia or Croatian politicians. In my 22 years, the state did not give me anything, at least not for free. Free education, healthcare and other fairy tales are for those people who do not know the basics of economics.

I have only one request, and that is for politicians to respect the people they lead, and that is all. I already know that, even though I am just 22, I will not see it during my lifetime. We are in for years and years of painful awakenings and bitter sleep, while those happier and smarter among us will sleep in Ireland.

My parents have told me not to deal with politics and not to say anything bad about others, even when that is true because I am going to make problems for myself. Frankly, I do not care. If I have problems because of my opinion – this will only be the final confirmation to me, and I hope to others, in what kind of country we live in and what they are doing to us. Reason enough to leave,” wrote Mrvoš.

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