What We Know About Daniela Adamcova, the Mystery Woman on Krk, Croatia

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Nina Smidt Instagram

September 22 – 22:30 Many more details emerge, including interview with waiter who took her to the remote bay.

September 22, 2021 – Daniela Adamcova from the Slovakian town of Trenčín has been named the mystery woman on Krk, Croatia. 

Index.hr reports that her nickname is Danka, and she was a jewelry designer worn by stars like Brigitte Bardot, Barbara Streisand, and the cast of the Friends series. She reportedly moved around the world several times and traveled often. She lived in the US at the age of 19 and was married to a film producer. After her divorce, she returned to Slovakia in the late 2000s, only to move back to the United States a few years later.

An interview with Adamcova from 2008 is available on the Slovak portal MY Trencin. The portal revealed that Daniela was born in Trenčín, where she lived until she was 19, when she went to America. Daniela said she wanted more freedom and did not reveal her plans to anyone in the family until the last minute.

“I wanted to go to Australia or New Zealand, I called my sister and friends to go with me, but no one wanted to. So in the end, I went alone and ended up in America, in Los Angeles,” Adamcova said.

For the first few months, she was assisted by an emigrant organization, both financially and for employment. She also learned the language and worked as a babysitter and a cleaner.

After a while, Daniela started working for a real estate agency and rented an apartment. “Then I decided to enroll in design and painting studies and specialized in handmade jewelry. I also changed jobs, got a job in a jewelry store, and fell in love with jewelry,” she recounted in 2008.

Daniela’s friend, a music producer with contacts in the film industry, helped her sell jewelry through film studios. Her pieces were later worn by Diana Ross, actresses in Friends, Brigitte Bardot, Barbara Streisand, and the stars of the then famous television series Melrose Place.

In 2000, Daniela returned to Slovakia. But in an interview eight years later, she said she could not get used to life back home.


“I wanted to come back because of family, to spend some time with them. I wanted to be with my friends, to bring back that closeness with them and with the family I had,” she said.

“I’ve been alone since I was 19, and I’ve relied only on myself. It strengthens you, but it’s still nice to have someone behind you. It’s nice to have a family that takes care of you. I realized that there are other joys in life besides wandering the world,” Adamcova said.

“It’s my country, I’m Slovak, and I always will be. But in America, I’m used to a different system of life, to a different mentality,” she says of why it was difficult for her to get used to living back home.

“Maybe it’s because it’s always sunny in Los Angeles. So when you wake up, and it’s sunny, you’re always in a good mood. I’ve never been bored in America. People live there in the full sense of the word. At home, they just sleep,” she said. 

However, Daniela remained in Slovakia longer than planned – for three years. “I can’t say I’m not well, I have family and friends that I love very much, but I have a routine here. I miss the sun and the sea; without the sea, I’m like a bird without wings,” Adamcova said back in 2008.

This morning, the police confirmed that the missing woman on Krk, Croatia was a 57-year-old Slovak woman.

“In cooperation with citizens and the media, officers from the Krk Police Station, the General Crime Service and the Primorje-Gorski Kotar Police Department for Reporting Analytics and Public Relations gathered several pieces of information, which resulted in the identity of the woman found on September 12 on the island of Krk.

Based on Art. 33 para. 4 of the Law on Police Affairs and Powers, the Police publicly published photos of the woman, requesting assistance in establishing her identity, since she could not provide information about herself. The woman had injuries when she was found, which were determined not to have occurred due to a criminal act. The woman was given medical assistance and placed in the hospital.

Since the photos were published, the police have received dozens of e-mails from citizens in Croatia and abroad, both from European Union countries and other countries, who wanted to help the police establish the woman’s identity. In addition to e-mail, reports were received in other ways and checked in detail by police officers using the methods and techniques available.

For example, some of the reports received a few days after the photos were published led to the discovery of the backpack, although the items found in it did not help reveal the woman’s identity.

Furthermore, the fingerprint databases of the Croatian police did not lead to her identity, so Interpol was informed about the woman, and the help of foreign police was requested.

The first of several reports that led to the woman’s identification was received by the police on September 20. As it appeared that the woman could be a citizen of Slovakia, the assistance of the Slovak police was requested through international police cooperation. Thanks to good collaboration and a matter of urgency, a response from the Slovak police was quickly received, confirming that the woman was identified as a Slovak citizen, aged 57, through a photograph.

“The police would like to thank the citizens, in Croatia and abroad, domestic and foreign media, as well as our colleagues from Slovakia, for their help and cooperation in establishing the identity of the woman.

According to what has been established so far, the Slovak citizen stayed in Croatia as a tourist, and the police will continue to determine the circumstances that preceded her arrival and discovery on the island of Krk, in the inaccessible terrain of Dobrinj,” the police said.

Police enquiries into the circumstances of this usual situation will continue.

If you have any information regarding the strange circumstances of this case that you would like to share, please contact us at [email protected] 


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