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Photos by Mandy Fransz
Photos by Mandy Fransz

This guide is written by Yvette Pelgrom and Mandy Fransz to share their top tips and recommendations after working remotely in Korčula island, Croatia as the inaugural Digital Nomad Ambassadors, a pro-bono concept designed and delivered by Saltwater Nomads, in partnership with the Korčula Tourist Board, Korčula Hill and LD Palace.

After spending a few weeks in beautiful Dubrovnik, we’ve had the unique opportunity to experience the digital nomad lifestyle in one of the magical Croatian islands only a 2,5-hour ferry ride away: Korčula island.

Also known as “Little Dubrovnik”, Korčula is featured as the 5th most beautiful island in the world according to a Big Seven Travel list alongside popular hotspots including Bora Bora, Maldives, and Bali — and we couldn’t agree more!

With its tagline “one island, endless experiences” we’ve been astonished by the magical Old Town with its cobblestone streets, tiny beaches with crystal clear waters, serene coastline and scenery, and most of all, its pure and kind locals. 

There are plenty of activities to explore the island by foot, bike, or boat which makes this the perfect place to visit all year round — whether you’re looking for adventure or simply want to relax and enjoy the island’s tranquility.

We’ve created memories of a lifetime: from learning about the local bee farms and olive oil production, tasting the typical Grk wine at one of the family-owned vineyards, and enjoying a Michelin-starred meal on a traditional Kata boat.

In this guide, we happily share our top tips and recommendations to help you create the ultimate digital nomad experience in this dreamy oasis called Korčula.

Where to stay:

According to locals, Korčula’s famous resident Marco Polo started his travels along the Silk Road from this magical island. Korčula Old Town is built in a very special way, resembling something of a fishbone to protect the town against sea winds. 


During our two-week workation, we’ve had the pleasure to stay at Korčula Hill — a self-catering luxury apartment complex just a short drive from Korčula Old Town. They provide discounted offers for long-term stays to attract more digital nomads starting for as little as $200,- per person / month for a 2- or 3-bedroom apartment.

The modern and well-equipped apartments provide everything you need: from high-speed Wi-Fi, fully-equipped gym, tennis & basketball court, bicycle rental, and two outdoor swimming pools with amazing views of the Pelješac peninsula. Follow the trail just behind the building for a short hike with a gorgeous view!

As a guest, you’ll also get free access to the sunbeds at La Banya beach, which is the perfect place to relax or do a bit of work from their restaurant or terrace bar serving delicious stone-oven baked pizzas and home-made ice tea.


If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, we highly recommend this Airbnb in Medvinjak, a two-bedroom apartment only a 15 to 20 minutes walk from Old Town with a spacious terrace and an amazing view perfect for stargazing at night! And the best part: it’s a stone’s throw away from small, semi-private “hidden” areas to enjoy a dip in the sea before, during or after work (or, all!).

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a honeymoon-worthy luxury experience we highly recommend LD Palace, a lovingly restored 18th-century palace now offering five unique residences for those wishing to escape, relax and unwind. We stayed at Arabia, a one-bedroom residence providing a 360-degree sea-view, fully equipped kitchen, an en-suite bathroom with walk-in shower and bathtub, and an open plan living which makes it the perfect romantic getaway. 


Where to eat:

Korčula is known for its traditional “konobas” and, of course, fresh seafood making it the perfect place to enjoy unique and delicious gastronomy.

A must-visit is Konoba Maha — a traditional, family-owned restaurant run by two brothers serving locally produced food and wine passionately prepared with fresh ingredients from the land located in the middle of nature surrounded by nothing but serenity. It’s a 10-minute drive from Old Town, but it’s worth every second! Try their signature lamb dish or T-boke steak perfectly paired with a red oak wine.


Another one of our favorites is Eko Skoj — a “from land to table” organic eco-farm owned by a mother and her kind daughter (Jelena Marović) and their wonderful team. You can walk through the flourishing garden to find a diversity of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. We even got to eat fresh cherries from the trees! Try their delicious homemade bread and order several dishes to share; a true gift for the eye and so nourishing for the tummy. 

One of our favorite restaurants in Old Town is Aurora and their next-door coffee shop Aurora Sweets providing gluten-free, refined-sugar-free and dairy-free treats. Although the Wi-Fi is not very strong (yet), it’s a fantastic option to get some thoughts on paper and switch work environments with a stunning ocean view. Note: the coffee shop is only open until 3 PM — make sure to be there on time! 

If you’re looking for a luxury Michelin-starred experience, then you need to visit LD Restaurant. Their wonderful staff members are incredibly attentive and passionate, serving the most Instagrammable chef’s tasting menus depending on seasonal products (definitely try their foie gras if you have the chance!). Their surprising flavors and combinations make you eat every bite so mindful to appreciate the taste so dearly. You can also rent their traditional Kata boat for a unique (romantic) dining experience in the Adriatic Sea surrounded by islands.


A few other favorite places include Konoba Mate, Bistro Maha, Vrnik Arts Club (ask for their freshly baked homemade bread!), and Adio Mare for the best catch of the day (if you’re lucky, highly recommend the Amberjack – truly delicious!).

Where to work:

Since Wi-Fi speed is not optimal (yet!) on the island, having a work-friendly home office is essential. Hence, make sure to find accommodation with high-speed Wi-Fi and enough workspace such as Korčula Hill or, before booking an Airbnb, ask the hosts to check for ideally a minimum of 50 – 100 Mbps.

You can also work from one of the restaurants or coffee shops in Old Town such as Aurora Sweets or Hotel Korčula where locals come for business meetings in this beautiful, monumental building. Another option is Korčula Town Library where the owner Ivan Vidali provides co-working space for about 5 Euros per month. In autumn 2022, it is expected their larger coworking space will be open too.


Things to do:

Whether you’re seeking adventure or looking to relax and recharge — Korčula island offers endless experiences making it a perfect all-year-round destination!

Here are a few of our favorite activities:

  • Go for a City Tour with Korčula Tourist Board to walk through the cobbled streets of Old Town and learn more about the history, culture, and traditions. Don’t forget to take a picture in the famous Ulica Ismaelli — the most Instagrammable street in Korčula!


  • Visit a local bee farm at OPG Komparak. You can enjoy a 45-minute workshop to learn about local honey and olive oil production for as little as 5 euro. You’ll even get to taste their locally produced Gin!
  • Watch a Moreška sword dance performance. They say “if you haven’t seen Moreška, you haven’t been on Korčula”. You can watch a performance in Old Town on Mondays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. in July and August; and on Thursdays at 9 p.m. during off-season.
  • Visit a local vineyard such as the recently opened, family-owned Tasovac winery for a local wine tasting experience. While Korčula is known for its popular Grk wine, our favorite is called Posip.


  • Treat yourself to a luxury spa treatment at LD Spa such as a Thai massage or Ayurvedic relaxing massage. We highly recommend all therapists — especially Viviane from Brazil who has the purest energy and wisdom with years of experience having studied in India and has now landed her wings in the beautiful Korčula island.
  • Go Island hopping to explore the nearby islands such as Badija island, Vrnik, and Stupe. You can hop on a water taxi for about 10 – 20 Euros return per person, or rent a private boat with La Banya for a half-or full-day experience visiting the most beautiful beaches.
  • Enjoy an outdoor activity with Korčula Outdoor such as sailing, multi-day guided sea kayaking tours, and visits to the pristine archipelago and nature reserves. The wonderful owner Damir is truly kind and ensures you’ll have the best experience!


  • Go beach hopping to explore Korčula’s pebble-stone beaches such as La Banya Beach, Pupnatska Luka, and Vela Luka. However, we recommend simply roaming around the island by bike / foot / car / scooter as you can find many tiny entrances and stairs to beautiful “hidden gems” with crystal clear waters. We prefer going off the beaten track, but, if you rather go to the more common beaches (also beautiful!), you can find the most recommended beaches here.
  • Join wellbeing or active classes such as going for a swim at this indoor swimming pool, a yoga class with Nina at Yoga Korčula Balanca, a typical local sport at Water polo at PK Korčula (founded in 1930, they are legendary!), or a pilates class at Pilana studio by Lana — having studied and worked extensively in this field, she has a fiery but compassionate energy. Classes can be given in Croatian or English, and she offers both group classes as well as 1-1 to tailor it to the person with passion. Highly recommended! 


General tips & recommendations

After spending two weeks on Korčula island, it already has a special place in our hearts. It is such a safe space where you can leave your bike unlocked (yes, it’s still possible here!) and where locals still simply catch the freshest fish from the Adriatic sea themselves to enjoy with family for dinner. 

Here are a few useful links for planning your (next) visit to Korčula island:

We hope this guide will help you to create the ultimate digital nomad experience in Korčula island. We highly recommend visiting off-season to escape the tourist crowds while still being able to enjoy nice, warm temperatures all year round.

Many thanks to Hana from the Korčula Tourist Board and Ivana from LD Palace for giving us a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience on this magical island 🙂 Hvala!

This guide is written by Yvette Pelgrom and Mandy Fransz to share their top tips and recommendations after working remotely in Korčula island, Croatia as the inaugural Digital Nomad Ambassadors, a pro-bono concept designed and delivered by Saltwater Nomads, in partnership with the Korčula Tourist Board, Korčula Hill and LD Palace.

Now check out Mandy and Yvette’s guide for digital nomads in Dubrovnik.


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