Zadar Digital Nomad Week Diary: Fifth Day Recap

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Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News
Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

As usual for Zadar Digital Nomad Week, the programme on the fifth day started early. The theme around which the activities would revolve would be ”Nomads + Tech”. We got off to a great start with a workshop by Sam Brown, another familiar face going back to last year’s memorable Dubrovnik Digital Nomads in Residence. For those who haven’t had the pleasure, Sam is a digital nomad from London who in October 2020 sold everything, including his wine business, to become a traveler and digital nomad. Sam is a content creator, writer, and programmer, and in his workshop on career pivots, attendees were able to learn that it is never too late to seek new professional horizons, and how one can find the ideal job that fits our new goals.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

The chosen venue for Sam’s workshop was the impressive Coin Cowork Space, in the city of Zadar, and those who attended had the opportunity not only to take notes but also to be part of a personalized session with Sam to redirect professional goals and how to achieve them.

At 11:00 am, one of the most interesting workshops on the show was held online by Ethan Mayers, called ”The 1st Step is the 1st Step”. In it, Ethan explored various topics that revolve around making decisions, precisely in the world of digital nomads, where these decisions can sometimes be intimidating due to the fact of leaving your home and venturing into an unknown world as a remote worker. Perhaps one of the most memorable phrases is that ”the most critical decision you make is making a decision”. Sam and Ethan’s workshops were definitely able to add a great dose of optimism to the Zadar Digital Nomad Week programme.

Up next, we say goodbye briefly to the Zadar region, as we headed not far towards Lika. After all, what’s a Nomads + Tech day without a visit to the birthplace of one of the most influential people in human history? Close to Gospić, we reach Smiljan, where the brilliant Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856. The small house where Tesla grew up has been converted into a museum and memorial place to celebrate the genius, inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

After a good session of inspiration touring the interiors of the museum, including a quick tour thanks to Iva Peroković from Swanky Travel, we settle into the gardens for the second panel of the Zadar Digital Nomad Week, where Mirela Marović from BIZkoshnica, Sam Brown, Iva Perokovic, and DJ and digital nomad from South Africa Viktoria Botha chatted about a very hot and interesting topic at the same time: ”Everyone loves nomads?” The panel was moderated by Tanja Polegubić of Saltwater Nomads.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

It was a great exchange of experiences and insights, both from people who have been in close contact with digital nomads in the last year, such as Mirela through her cowork space and Iva through her travel agency, as well as from the digital nomads themselves, Sam and Victoria. Although there is a stigma toward digital nomads and their connection with the destinations they go to, everyone could agree that digital nomads go beyond professional fulfillment and networking, but also try to live authentic experiences that allow them to connect better with the country in which they are located.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

After a successful panel, there was no better way to say goodbye to Nikola Tesla’s birthplace than in a Tesla car itself. Courtesy of Davor Čordaš of Rent a Tesla, panelists, and attendees were able to sit in a Tesla car and see firsthand what the future holds for the automotive industry.


Photo: Jose Alfonso Cussianovich/Total Croatia News

We head back to Zadar to witness one of the reasons why it is so famous: its spectacular sunsets. And what better way to enjoy it than with a tour of the old city of Zadar led by the very enthusiastic and ”zadranka”, Vlatka Pehar. We met at 20:00 between the popular Greetings to the Sun monument and Zadar’s most famous musician, the sea organ. From there, we said goodbye to the sun and walked the ancient and history-rich streets of Zadar’s old town, because every day you learn something new in Dalmatian cities.

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