Firefighters Stranded on Fire Engine Roof During Flood in Nin (Video)

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A horrible flood is currently ravaging the wider Zadar area.

In a span of three hours, 250 litres of rain were measured per square metre – twice the monthly average that the area usually gets. The last time such quantities of rainfall were recorded in Zadar was in 1986, with 352 litres per square metre.

The fire departments in the wider Zadar area have been sending people into the field to numerous locations; they reported interventions such as pumping out the water from flooded establishments and removing crushed cars from under fallen trees.

However, once the firemen find themselves in an emergency, it’s clear all bets are off.

The firefighters in Nin got stuck in the middle of a flooded area, with the water level raising so high, they had to climb up onto the roof of their fire engine.

You can see the dire situation on the photo above and in the following video:



Source: Slobodna Dalmacija

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