Ivica Todorić’s Request for Appeal Against Extradition Rejected

Lauren Simmonds

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Todorić remains between a rock and a hard place as his extradition looms.

Ivica Todorić has been managing to somewhat slip below the radar for a considerable length of time now, and the saga that has been the life of the former Agrokor boss over the past year or so has hardly been a walk in the park.

From his questionable ways of doing business when he was Agrokor’s main man, to his luxurious lifestyle and shrewd ability to keep himself to himself for the most part, away from the prying eyes of the media, Todorić and his family have always been symbols of bizarre fascination for many.

The perfect life filled with yachts, helicopters, mansions and private islands however, is no longer a reality for the self-proclaimed political victim now living in London. Taking to his blog and more recently a YouTube channel to voice his opinions, pass his judgements, accuse the political elite, and try to defend his case, even going as far as to attempt to sue the Republic of Croatia for allegedly violating EU laws with the invention and passing of the controversial Lex Agrokor, one thing Todorić can never be accused of is going down without a fight, even if it is a fight held in vain.

Todorić has been living under the close watch of the British police in the British capital for several months after handing himself in at Charing Cross Police Station in London back in November 2017, where he was arrested by the British authorities as was prescribed by the European Arrest Warrant issued for his capture. Todorić was then detained until he paid £100,000 in bail to the British police.

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As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 10th of August, 2018, it would appear that Todorić has jumped from the frying pan into the fire, so to speak, as his request to appeal against the United Kingdom’s decision for him to be extradited to Croatia to face trial for the crimes that took place under his reign at Agrokor has been denied. The British have confirmed to N1 that the London court in question rejected Todorić’s appeal request at the end of July, but he still used his legal right to be heard orally.

The hearing is scheduled for September the 6th this year, and if the court remains in the opinion that it holds now, he is at the very last step before finally facing extradition to Croatia, N1 writes.

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