Koprivnica Renaissance Fair August 25-28, 2016

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The Koprivnica Renaissance Fair, the largest event of its kind in south-eastern Europe, to be held from August 25, 2016 to August 28, 2016.

The programme for this years annual Koprivnica Renaissance fair has been published, unfortunately only in Croatian, by the Koprivnica Tourist Board. This is a huge event, drawing particpants not just from Croatia but from the neighbouring countries too, and as far as Slovakia and Germany, and lasting four full days. 

You can watch companies of medieval knights take part in jousting competitions, see how medieval rugby was played, and you can participate in medieval passtimes, eat medieval food, drink medieval beer (including nettle beer – after all Koprivnica is named after the ‘kopriva’ or nettle). Magicians, clowns, and other medieval entertainers will entertain you.

On Saturday there is a free train from Zagreb, leaving Zagreb at 10am and returning around 9pm. The Carlsberg brewery will have its doors open all day offering free beer tastings. If you chose to stay the evening, you will witness a fiery attack on the old fortress, using fireballs, fire arrows, catapults and cannons.

The English fair web site is here (including a video and photo gallery)

Check out last year’s report on the fair by TCN’s own Slobodan Kadić.


Just for fun here is the Google translate version of the programme. Surprisingly good job:


Thursday (August 25)

19.00 – opening of the event on the city walls (Fortress)

(Only Koprivnica knights of the artisans)

– Setting of a medieval fair (local artisans)

– Knights interactive workshop (archery)

– Mariska – Renaissance tunes

– Koprivnica mušketiri- fiery show


Friday (26 August) from 15.00 pm

Saturday and Sunday (27th-28th August) from 10.00 to night hours:

The main theme -srednjovjekovna music – performance of the German hard medieval group furunkulus

– The largest medieval trade show in this part of Europe (artisans and merchants, alchemists …)

– The richest offer of medieval dishes and drinks (roasted ox, boar, rabbit, tripe, Podravka’s royal dishes, nettles, Pan beer, wine and mead)

– Medieval beer parlor – monastery beer nettle

– Medieval cookery

– Life in medieval knights camps

– Exhibition of wild and domestic animals, performances falconer

– Exhibition of edible, non-edible and poisonous mushrooms

– Knight games and skirmishes (fighting and competition knights, archery, crossbow shooting display, mace, sword fight, halberds, arquebuses and muskets, shooting cannons)

– Shooting siege engines

– Knight interactive workshops (archery, crossbows …)

– Appearances by mediaeval entertainers – jugglers, jesters, stilt-walkers

– Medieval rugby

– Medieval musicians, drummers, belly dancers, …

– Middle school – dances and performances

– Medieval old crafts workshops for children and adults

– Medieval camps and performances by knights from Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech, Polish, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatian

– Day and night siege Koprivnica

– Mystical nightlife renaissance Koprivnica in the moonlight and torches

– Life in the village of “lepers”

– Serf game

Renaissance Festival is the first event without plastic, and food and drinks will be served to the wooden and ceramic pots. Beverages will be possible only from ceramic mugs to be rented at info spots and restaurants, and after eating will come back to the same points with a refund. The rental price of a large mug is 25 kn, a small 15 kn.

August 26 – FRIDAY

15.30 – cooking beer nettle

16.00 – Koprivnički musketeers and guards

16.30 – Mariska – Renaissance tunes

17.00 – knights group Ursus (Slovakia)

17.30 – performance furunkulus (Germany)

18.00 – The Renaissance puppet show

18.30 – equestrian tournament knights Hector (Slovakia)

19.00 – performance furunkulus (Germany)

19.30 – knights group Opolskie Bractwo Rycesrkie (Poland)

20.00 – knights group Markus M (Czech Republic)

20.30 – fiery show of Koprivnica Musketeers

21.00 – Concert furunkulus (Germany)

Nightlife in knight camps


15.00 – Renaissance skewer

18.00 -Predstavljenje Renaissance dishes

August 27 – Saturday

Free Renaissance train

(Departure from Zagreb, around 10.00 hours and return to Zagreb at about 21.00 hrs)

Open Day Carlsberg Brewery – beer tasting free


10.30 – arrival of King Louis of Anjou with an escort to the Zrinski trg

11.00 – arrival of domestic and foreign knights on Zrinski trg

11.30 – gala lineup Royal retinue of knights and the Zrinski Square, imaging

citizens and visitors

11.45 – departure of the royal procession to the walls


12.00 to 18.00 – competition for the title of the Renaissance royal chefs

The competition of professional chefs from the Croatian


12.00 – arrival of the Royal suite on the walls and the beginning of the ceremony of the Charter

the Royal Borough citizens of Koprivnica

– Presentation of knights

– Declaration of Koprivnica free royal city

– Gift of the King

– Presentation of the contestants for the title of royal chefs

– Presentation of the royal table

– Leave competitors in the Renaissance cuisine to the accompaniment of drums

– A tribute to the monastery beer nettle

13.00 – Modi Versus (Italy)

13.30 – Mariska – Renaissance tunes

14.00 – The Renaissance puppet show

14.30 – performance of the lute

15.00 – Dragon Order of Knighthood of Siklos (Hungary)

15.30 – Conte (Konjščina)

16.00 – The Company Baron (Slovenia)

16.30 – Acting Group knight Gasper Lambergers (Slovenia)

17.00 – delivery of food “lepers”

17.30 – performance jester Trilja IV

18.00 – knights group Markus M (Czech Republic)

18.30 – knights group Ursus (Slovakia)

19.00 – hunting for beer witches


13.30 – Archery tournament

14.30 – performance furunkulus (Germany)

15.00 – New companyâ Vis Ferri (Italy)

15.30 – hunting for boars

16.00 – Modi Versus (Italy)

16.30 – performance furunkulus (Germany)

17.00 – Renaissance rugbi – knights group Opolskie Bractwo Rycerskie (Poland);

17.30 – Sokoliari St. Bavo (Slovakia)

18.00 – equestrian tournament knights Hector (Slovakia)

19.00 – Modi Versus (Italy)

evening hours

– Illuminating walls pokers and torches

– A night attack on the town – shooting fireballs and arrows, cannons, muskets, arkebuza

21.00 – Concert furunkulus (Germany)

– Fire eaters – Markus M (Czech Republic)

28 August – Sunday – FESTUNG

10.00 – start of the event


13.00 – Coppreuniz

13.30 – The Company Baron (Slovenia)

14.00 – The Renaissance puppet show

14.30 – Dragon Order of Knighthood of Siklos (Hungary)

15.00 – Mariska – Renaissance tunes

15.30 – Modi Versus (Italy)

16.00 – Coppreuniz

16.30 – Acting Group knight Gasper Lambergers (Slovenia)

17.00 – performance jester Trilja IV

17.30 – knights group Ursus (Slovakia)

18.00 – delivery of dinners “lepers”

18.30 – knights group Markus M (Czech Republic)

19.00 – hunting for beer witches


Renaissance decoration table

Small Renaissance cooks

The competition for the title of gentleman’s cook


12.30 – archery tournament, the Cup Final Croatian

13.00 – Modi Versus (Italy)

14.00 – New companyâ Vis Ferri (Italy)

14.30 – knights group Opolskie Bractwo Rycerskie (Poland)

15.00 – hunting for boars

15.30 – knights group viridi Hedera (Slovenia)

16.00 – knights group Red Silver Dragon

16.30 – knights group Opolskie Bractwo Rycerskie (Poland)

17.00 – New companyâ Vis Ferri (Italy)

17.30 – Modi Versus (Italy)

18.00 – Sokoliari St. Bavo (Slovakia)

18.30 – equestrian tournament knights Hector (Slovakia)

evening hours

– Illuminating walls pokers and torches

– Coppreuniz

– Fire show (Koprivnica Musketeers)


Vitez group of Croatian:

Musketeers and guards from Koprivnica (Koprivnica)

Knights Zelingradski (Sv. Ivan Zelina)

Red Knights Ruzica town (born)

Dubovački archers (Karlovac)

Uskoci Klis (Klis)

Knights of Vrana (Pakoštane)

Sibenik City Guard (Sibenik)

Red Silver Dragon (Zagreb)

Ordo Sancti Viti (Rijeka)

Association of St. Juraj (Đurđevac)

Archery Club “primitive bow and arrow” (Koprivnica)

Trakošćan archers (Koprivnica)

Archery Club (Koprivnica)

Vitez groups and others from abroad:

Furunkulus (Germany)

Sokoliari St. Bavo (Slovakia)

Manufactories master Janez (Slovenia)

New companyâ Vis Ferri (Italy)

Modi Versus (Italy)

Acting Troupe of the Knight Gašper Lambergar (Slovenia)

Celje (Slovenia)

Markus M (Czech Republic)

The Company Baron (Slovenia)

Blout zi bluoda (Austria)

Hector (Slovakia)

Opolskie Bractwo Rycerskie (Poland)

Ursus (Slovakia)

Janez Kamnik (Slovenia)

Guardians of hammers (Slovenia)

Dragon order of knighthood of Siklos (Hungary)

Order of the old (Hungary)

Red king eagle (Slovenia)

Imperial-Royal Society (Slovenia)

Viridi Hedera (Slovenia)

Stolac (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


The organizer reserves the right to amend the program

Bridge tolls HRK 5 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Parking Fee: Friday / HRK 5, Saturday and Sunday – HRK 10 day ticket

Movement and stay in the venue of the event at your own risk



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