How to Check Bilateral Treaties Between Croatia and Your Country

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bilateral treaties

August the 23rd, 2023 – Ever since Croatia became an independent nation back in the 1990s, it has built various bilateral treaties with individual countries across the globe. With more and more foreign nationals coming here not only from elsewhere in the European Economic Area or the European Union, it’s important to know exactly what bilateral agreements Croatia has with the country of your citizenship/origin.

Croatia’s collection of treaties

The Collection of Treaties of the Republic of Croatia refers to a list kept by the powers that be which details all of the bilateral treaties and international acts currently valid between Croatia and individual nations across the world. A significant number of multilateral treaties agreed with individual countries are also included in the Collection of Treaties, given their similarity to bilateral treaties in most cases.

Croatia is an eU Member State, and so EU law applies across the 27 member bloc

Given the fact that the Republic of Croatia has been an EU Member State since July 2013, all European Union countries fall under the treaties of the EU. This makes things far more simple if you’re a foreign national living in Croatia and you’re from another EU country. It’s also simplified if the situation is reversed, i.e, if you’re a Croatian national living elsewhere in the European Union.

While it’s still sometimes necessary to view the details of bilateral treaties your country has with Croatia even if both nations are EU Member States, it might be helpful for you to check out the EU’s official website.

What information is provided in the overview of treaties?

In the overview of each bilateral (or trilateral or multilateral, as the case may be) treaty Croatia has with another recognised nation, the following information is provided:

The official name of the bilateral treaty/agreement in question

The date of said treaty’s conclusion

Any information pertaining to its possible termination

The date of said treaty’s entry into force (legality)

The number of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia (Narodne Novine) in which the information on the treaty in question has been published, and the number of the same publication in the date of the treaty’s entry into force

How can I check on the bilateral treaties between my country and the Republic of Croatia?

You might be surprised to learn that doing this is fairly simple. Simply click here, select your country from the drop-down box provided, and click Search. A table of the information and the dates of the conclusion of each bilateral treaty is then shown.


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