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After the C_Two premiere at the Geneva international motor show last year, Rimac Automobili will this year present the final look of the C_Two model, whose first prototypes are already in production. In Geneva, Rimac will also show the early indications of the final performance characteristics of the electric drive which will be subjected to hundreds of tests during the certification phase, reports Index.hr on March 5, 2019.

“With the testing program launched early this year, Rimac Automobili is continuing to work hard on developing the C_Two model. New technologies are being introduced, and the model is undergoing hundreds of tests and procedures to meet all of the initial goals and global approval standards,” said the Croatian manufacturer of electric vehicles on its website, announcing the participation in this year’s Geneva motor show.


As announced, Rimac C_Two is the world’s most powerful electric hyper-car, which demonstrates the expertise of the technology leader from Sveta Nedjelja near Zagreb in high-performance vehicle systems. The C_Two has a four-engine drive system with a total of 1914 horsepower and a torque of 2300 Nm. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes just 1.85 seconds, and it can reach the speed of 300 km/h in 11.8 seconds. A 120-kWh battery allows for a range of 550 km according to the WLTP standard (650 km according to the NEDC standard).


These figures have stunned the world, but with the latest efforts, the C_Two will be even more advanced. Prototypes are in the production phase, and the C_Two will soon get its final shape. In 2020, its performance characteristics will be seen on the streets all over the world, and C_Two will demonstrate how far (and how quickly) the electrical technology went into the future.


The C_Two model which will be presented at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show has been made in the galactic white colour with deep blue carbon fibre elements. The interior is hand-made and specially designed, with carbon fibre which complements blue leather and contrasting seams. This specification reveals an elegant but also exciting C_Two model profile.


“The designing, engineering and production of key electrification systems for high-performance vehicles is still the mission of Rimac Automobili. During 2018, the company that can no longer be called an automotive startup has grown to twice its previous size and now supplies with its batteries, drives, hardware and software solutions its numerous partners in the automotive industry, powering some of the most extreme performance electric vehicles and hybrid electric hyper-cars on the market. The goal is always to offer innovative technologies to the high-performance market, starting with the crown jewel – the Rimac C_Two model,” concludes the company.

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Translated from Index.hr.

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