Two Croatian Students Engage in Multiple Successful Projects

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As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marta Duic writes, while many folk proverbs lean towards blaming almost everything on young people, there are a number of companies operating here on the Croatian market that prove this to be wrong and give young people the opportunity to learn, progress in business and successfully enter the business world.

One of such companies is ATRON electronic GmbH, more precisely the Zagreb branch of this company, which has been supporting student projects for years, and innovation and modernisation have long been in the focus of their development of smart solutions in the field of public transport.

The Croatian branch of Atron has been present in Zagreb for fifteen years now, and in the last few years they’ve placed special emphasis on higher education, ie Croatian students, as well as student associations and projects.

It is a company that employs Croatian students and enables them to upgrade their knowledge and skills learnd during their education into real business tasks and smart solutions in the development of which they actively participate.

As they point out from this company, with them, Croatian students have the opportunity to work on solving real problems and tasks relevant to their new products and services, and often after the internship they remain within their teams as permanent employees.

The Zagreb team of ATRON electronic GmbH also includes Marko Pavlinic, a student at the Faculty of RIT Croatia in the field of Web & Mobile Computing, who will begin his fourth year of study in September, and Nikica Hecimovic, also a student at the Faculty of RIT Croatia.

”My business interests are focused on teamwork, as well as on developing new and improving existing projects. I became part of the Atron team through a referral, and I’ve been there for about a year and two months. I’m progressing faster than I thought I would, the given tasks push me every day to learn something new, and if I can’t come up with a solution on my own, I have colleagues who are happy to help me and give me advice. When I first came here, I mostly worked on smaller projects that don’t have the pressure of delivery deadlines, but today I have tasks that require a little more responsibility,” Pavlinic stated, recalling his beginnings in this company.

As he said, he supplemented his knowledge in the areas he encountered when in college, but this company gave him the opportunity to work with technologies he hadn’t previously encountered, so now he learns something new every day.

”Currently, I’m primarily developing a graphical interface and I’m part of a frontend team. Together with other team members, I’m developing an application that will be used by companies across Europe that provide public transport services. At the company, I’m responsible for the graphical interface of the project I’m currently working on. The project I’m currently working on is the first major project that started in December last year. We’re developing an application that will digitise the tracking and vehicle status of our clients. Before this project, I developed smaller tools,” revealed Marko Pavlinic.

According to Pavlinic, his business plan in the future is to use the knowledge he gained during higher education and his experience gained at ATRON electronic GmbH to decide in which direction in the IT sector he wants to go and to help the company and transfer this knowledge to his younger colleagues.

“I’ve been part of the Atron team for a little over a year now and through my time here I’ve felt great progress in my programming skills. When I came to ATRON electronic GmbH, I had the task with a colleague to make a smaller programme that is part of a large project that I worked on for three months,” explained the other of the Croatian students, Nikica Hecimovic.

His role is to develop the backend service, create the project structure and manage the database and is responsible for these items on the current project, where he has the role of junior backend developer in the team. Considering the fact that he has worked on two projects so far, and has been working on this current one for the longest time, he pointed out that the current project is very important and significant for him.

”This is a project on which I learned the most and on which, as a programmer, I gained a lot of experience and learned new technologies. My role today is to develop the backend services on a single project. Compared to the beginning of my work, this is a much more important and demanding role, as well as a rather rewarding experience. At the beginning of both projects, some time before the start of programming, I learned about the new technology I was working on on that project. Then, at all times, my mentor was at my disposal and helped me where and when I needed it.

I progressed in several ways, learned how to work well in a team, gained good work habits and experience in software development with new technologies that I worked on as part of ATRON electronic GmbH’s projects,” said Hecimovic, adding that he is currently working on the AWIRE project structure and manages the storage and use of data from the database.

The Zagreb branch of ATRON electronic GmbH is aware that Croatian students and other young people are a source of fresh ideas on the country’s blossoming startup scene, and are thus an important factor in the development of that sector, and of the Croatian economy as a whole.

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