Modulos “Everchanging Desk” Kickstarter Campaign Launched

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The goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to raise $30,000 in the next 40 days.

The creativity and innovativeness of young Croatian people in the startup era is nothing new, but it doesn’t mean we should take for granted the ideas that these brilliant young people come up with, or that we shouldn’t support them as much as we can in doing so!

The latest product that caught our eye is Modulos – “an ever changing desk for your ever changing needs,” whose Kickstarter campaign was launched yesterday – and it already pledged $7,670 out of the $30,000 goal.

It’s always difficult to fit old furniture into new spaces when you’re moving or changing office, so Matej Grozdanović came up with a solution and redesign the concept of a desk entirely. Modules are designed to be sleek and fit any interior with its timeless beauty, and, the best thing is that you can arrange it and rearrange it however you want! No, I stand corrected, the absolute best thing is that, if you’re moving, the modules can easily fit into your trunk, which saves you a lot of hassle.

Modulos allows for numerous combinations for your surfaces, including some real cool ones such as the one above - enabling two people to sit opposite of one another.

You can combine modules in different ways, get a corner desk when you get bored with your rectangular one, combine it into a cool desk for two, and another great (I’m running out of synonyms for great actually) thing about it is that, besides being pretty, the modules are also functional, so you can get one of the following:

  • Basic module – a simple flat surface basic module – available immediately
  • Rounded module – a module used when you want to create a rounded edge on your Modulos desk – available immediately
  • Cabling hole module – a module with a cabling hole that enables you to handle that mess of cables that go through to the top of your work surface – available immediately
  • Pencil holder module – a module with neat grooves that prevents your pencils from rolling off your work surface – available immediately
  • iPad/iPhone dock – this module enables you to dock your tablet or mobile phone. It has a groove that fits your device and three strategically placed holes that lead your charger cable from below the desk – available immediately
  • Rotary iPad/iPhone dock – this module has a groove that fits your devices with a center hole for cabling and allows you to rotate your device. This works great when you’re using your iPad as a second screen or want to keep an eye on your phone screen at all times. We have designed and produced a test model and are now testing and refining it (which requires some additional funds).
  • USB Hub module – a module with an integrated USB hub. We have designed and produced a prototype that includes a quality Sabrent USB 3.0 hub. This module will be available shortly in production as well. We need to test out some more options regarding the best USB hubs to integrate. We would love to hear your opinions about it!
  • Wireless charger module – a module with an integrated wireless charging pad neatly engraved into the surface. The prototype is done with a standard IKEA charger. We are looking into better options and better charger models to integrate.

Each module can be connected to another module on any side using metal pins.

By combining modern design approach with a traditional material, we got a gorgeous combination with interesting patterns emerging below the surface.

Another amazing thing about this story is that the founder, Matej, has worked with his father and grandfather, who are carpenters, from an early age, and Matej’s father is the chief of production at the company.
Matej got the idea of making a table that fits his needs in a small apartment that he lived in, and his father helped him make this idea come true.

Back this great project on Kickstarter here and like it on Facebook here.

All photos from Kickstarter.


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