Teenlifting – Croatian Rejuvination Method Recognised in Beauty Industry

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As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, Dr. Sanja Malbasa Gosovic is the founder of the Teenlifting centre. 30 years ago, she devised a unique method of rejuvenation and improvement of health through muscle electrostimulation, expanding it through a franchise around the world.

The Teenlifting brand is protected in Croatia, the EU, China, the USA, Switzerland, Great Britain, countries in Croatia’s immediate region, and this method was named one of the six best natural non-invasive cosmetic methods in the American magazine As If. Under the slogan “activate, don’t plasticise”, Malbasa has been rejuvenating the skin and bodies of many public figures for years.

The Teenlifting face and neck franchise can be purchased in Croatia and abroad. So far, 18 have been opened – in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Austria, South Africa, Montenegro and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The centre in Zagreb currently employs 4 physiotherapists who are also franchise educators.

Along with the franchise, you also get the exclusive right to use the Teenlifting method in a certain area, which ensures a guarantee of quality. Sanja’s daughter Nina Gosovic took over the organisation of the franchise and marketing business 5 years ago, so this has become a real family business.

“Preserving the quality of the brand is very important to us, because we’ve been working on the development of the method and quality for 30 years, and we’re continuing to work and reinvest most of the profits,” said Sanja Malbasa, who began developing the method in Split.

Education in cosmetics and acupuncture followed, and after realising in practice that needle treatment with electrostimulation with an acupunctoscope has a better effect than a facelift, the story went in the direction of the electrostimulation of human muscles.

“With experts from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and a manufacturer of physical therapy equipment, I developed a method of electrostimulation, which has progressed over the years thanks to new materials and effects. Thus, the discovery of electrically conductive fabric about 15 years ago opened new possibilities for creating electrodes that I could sew,” explained Sanja Malbasa.

Teenlifting is defined as a natural method of stimulating all of the muscles of the body and face at the same time, ie the stimulation of large muscle groups, for which newly designed electrodes are used as well as standard electrodes, placed by a non-standard method.

Sanja Malbasa Gosovic pointed out that the beauty of the “side effect” of the method is that it has great results in terms of the prevention and rehabilitation of various health problems, from incontinence and migraines to maintaining fitness and vitality, to serious conditions such as cerebral palsy and muscle atrophy. That’s why patients, the elderly, and those who suffer from incontinence, headaches, and weak muscle tone also come to her beauty centre.

“This method of electrostimulation of the muscles differs from needing to do exercise itself because it equally uses more muscles than would be achieved with various movements and it doesn’t burden the heart, joints or tendons, which is why it’s safe for anyone to do. Depending on where it’s applied, it brings significant results even in more difficult cases,” explained Malbasa Gosovic.

Her business is currently expanding mainly in the area of ​​the face and neck, and the wider application of the method with the aim of rehabilitation is expected with the launch of a new product on the market, the FitStim device for stimulating the whole body.

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