Božo Petrov Criticizes SDP for Golden Parachutes for Public Company Managers

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Another attack from MOST against SDP.

MOST president and Deputy Prime Minister Božo Petrov criticized news that former CEO of Croatian Forests public company Ivan Pavelić will receive a large bonus, which had been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture led by former Minister Tihomir Jakovina (SDP), reports Jutarnji List on July 24, 2016.

“It is just shameful that in Croatia, one of the heads of a state company receives a multimillion bonus because he fired 1,100 employees and managed to sell some raw material without a clear strategy”, said Petrov on Saturday evening. Asked to comment on the decision by Agriculture Minister Tihomir Jakovina, Petrov said that the question should be posed to Jakovina and people from SDP, and that he did not want to talk about it.

“They should talk about it and voters can reward them on 11 September, when the elections will take place. That is something you need to ask people from SDP – whether they agree with it and whether they knew it”, said Petrov. He added that the Ministry of Agriculture did not accept to pay the bonus, and that the whole case could end up in court.

According to media reports, the Board of Directors of the Croatian Forests, headed by president Ivan Pavelić and member Ivan Ištok, has sued the company because they had not received their bonuses. Pavelić, according to the media, is seeking payment of approximately 2.3 million kuna, while Ivan Ištok expects to receive about 1.6 million kuna, on the basis of a 2012 contract which the former Agriculture Minister Jakovina signed with the Board of Directors.

Responding to questions about possible coalitions after the elections, Petrov said he did not want to spend time on HDZ or SDP. “I do not want to give free publicity to HDZ or SDP, they should do that themselves”, he said, adding that he had never spoken with new HDZ president Andrej Plenković.

According to Petrov, MOST expects to at least repeat the election results from November, when they received 19 seats in Parliament, adding that he expected to get much more if voters realize what MOST had achieved.

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