Croatian Teachers Strike: Absurd Situation Continues, Unions Unsatisfied

Lauren Simmonds

Croatian teachers are still continuing to strike for their rights as the unions give the Croatian Government’s recent offer the thumb’s down. The situation has escalated and somehow managed to become even more absurd than it was before. 

Is this one of those moments where one says the dreaded words ”only in Croatia” when referring to something bordering on insanity? Probably. If you’re not entirely sure exactly why Croatian teachers are striking, click here for the clear and simple reasons as to how this started, and why it’s continuing after such a long time.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/VLM writes on the 28th of November, 2019, Croatian teachers, their representative unions and others on strike from the education sector have remained deeply unsatisfied with the latest offer from the government.

The government and the unions have now found themselves in a rather absurd situation indeed – after more than thirty days of striking, the Croatian Government has now gone from not offering enough, to offering even more than the unions demanded, which stood at an average of 342 kuna.

As stated, the strikers, however, remain totally unhappy because the raise would be driven by an increase in the base wage rather than the coefficient. Strange? Yes, completely. Only in Croatia? Maybe.

Here are the facts as they currently stand when it comes to Croatian teachers, what is being offered by the government, and why the dissatisfaction continues:

– The average salary of Croatian teachers is now 7291 kuna net per month

– If we contains the latest government offer, that amounts to 8139

– By increasing the base by the end of 2020, the take home pay for Croatian teachers would increase to 8139 kuna monthly

What are the unions looking for now?

– By increasing the coefficient of 6.11 percent, the average Croatian teacher’s salary is rising to 7793 kuna net

– The absurdity now is that, through the growth of the base pay, the government is offering 342 kuna more than the unions are seeking by increasing the coefficient

Make sure to follow our dedicated lifestyle and politics pages for much more on the unfolding situation with the striking Croatian teachers and what the government is prepared to do to end the situation.


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