Foreign Ministry Disgusted by Elizabeta Madjarevic, Summons Her, Promises Action

Lauren Simmonds

Yesterday, Index reported that Croatian diplomat in Berlin, Elizabeta Madjarevic, has been spreading racist, xenophobic and homophobic views on Facebook and on various portals, and accuses the German chancellor of having “a lack of her own culture”. MVEP have now reacted sternly, calling her in and promising to take action.

Elizabeta Madjarevic is otherwise the first secretary of the Croatian Embassy in Berlin.

As Index writes on the 16th of August, 2019, on her Facebook profile, this Croatian diplomat has been spreading racist views, writes about white Europe and how only such a Europe is “pure”. In addition, Index reported how she has been spreading anti-immigrant theories, attacks on the rights of the LGBT community, and even on the idea of universal human rights.

In addition to her Facebook profile, Madjarevic has published texts on several internet portals over the years in which she attacks migrants and refugees by presenting them as a threat to Christian Europe, and did not fail to attack the Istanbul Convention and Andrej Plenkovic himself and, more importantly, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In one text, Madjarevic diagnosed her with suffering from a “lack of her own culture” because of her statement that Islam belongs in Germany.

The fact that such a person is a prominent part of the Croatian diplomatic mission in the German capital represents a great scandal and damages to Croatia’s reputation in Berlin and the European Union.

Elizabeta Madjarevic: ”I’m not a politician, I have the right to say what I want.”

After Index posted screenshots of her eyebrow-raising comments, she posted a status on Facebook in relation to the scandal she’d caused. As she puts it, “she is not a politician, so she has the right to say what she wants.”

Here is her Facebook status, translated into English:

“On holiday outside Croatia, my friends call me and say that I’ve become the topic of the day. Moreover, Index published a ”nice” story about me on my commentary about an authentic Europe that I posted on my private profile after visiting a Mediterranean country outside of Croatia. I am neither an official nor a politician, but an ordinary person who has the right to privacy, but I have my conservative views, which I do not deviate from and that I share freely because I live in a free country, and which are based on facts,” Madjarevic wrote.

”It is unprofessional for journalists to destroy ordinary people in this way. Or should we no longer be thinking beings and have free speech? And if anyone needs to explain how Europe looked like, in a demographic sense, a decade ago, and throughout history, let’s just turn the demographic statistics around,” she added.

MVEP quickly responded to Index’s report on the situation, released an official statement on their website, and have demanded Elizabeta come for an interview on the matter, after which they will react accordingly and in line with the law. Here is the English translation of MVEP’s statement in full:

“The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs completely and utterly distances itself from the viewpoints that Index reported on that have been posted on social networks today (August the 16th, 2019), published by Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs staff member Elizabeta Madjarevic, who has been, since January 2019, on a diplomatic mandate at the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Berlin.

Given the serious indications of a violation of the regulations governing the work of the Foreign Office of the Republic of Croatia, as well as of the Law on Civil Servants, this staff member was immediately summoned to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, where all facts related to the aforementioned publication will be determined without delay. Once the facts have been established, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs will take the appropriate measures prescribed by the Foreign Affairs Act and the Civil Servants Act,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

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