Government Postpones Regular Meeting and Holds Short Telephone Session Instead

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Ministers arrive to the government building, the Prime Minister suddenly leaves, and a short phone session takes place instead of a regular meeting – just another day for Croatia’s government.

Government’s regular session on Thursday was postponed due to urgent obligations of Prime Minister Tihomir Orešković. Instead, a short telephone session was held which discussed just two items – the interpellation about the Ministry of Culture and the Law on Social Services, reports Večernji List on June 2, 2016.

The government pointed out that there were no legal obstacles for a session to be postponed and added that the items which were not discussed today would be moved to the next session. “It is not unusual to postpone a session of the government, it has happened before,” said sources from the government. The government did not want to specify whether today’s session, which was to begin at 2 pm, was delayed due to private or official obligations of Prime Minister Orešković, who was seen leaving the government building shortly before the session was scheduled to start.

Transport Minister Oleg Butković said there was nothing strange about it, and that the Prime Minister probably had some urgent obligations. The same explanation was offered by Tourism Minister Anton Kliman.

Asked for his opinion about the fact that the government on Wednesday decided to postpone issuing Eurobonds due to political situation, Butković said that it was necessary to resolve the issue as soon as possible. He expressed confidence that all problems would be solved. When asked how the government was functioning after Wednesday’s “coffee meeting” between Prime Minister and two deputy prime ministers, Tomislav Karamarko and Božo Petrov, Butković said that he was not present at the meeting and could not comment.

Deputy Prime Minister Božo Petrov left the government building shortly afterwards, but did not want to talk to reporters.

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