Pedalling through three nations

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Informal rides are a great way to meet people, have fun and see the sights

Over 20 members of the Recreational Cycling Association Kotrljaneri and their friends started off on Sunday, May 29 in the morning hours from Osijek towards Kneževi Vinogradi and Batina, across the Danube to Baračka, reports on June 1, 2016.

Cyclists from Croatia were joined by colleagues from Bač, Gianni Cycling Project, cycling club Sombor and citizen association VeloArt from Sobor with whom Kotrljaneri signed a cross-border cooperation agreement in April of this year.

A shorter trip of fifteen kilometres ensued to Udvar and the border crossing and after entering Croatia the cyclists separated, with some heading for Osijek and other through Topolj, Draž and Bezdan to Sombor. These cycling lovers pedalled 150 kilometres through Croatia, Serbia and Hungary and despite the scorching sun, came home full of positive impressions.

“When an informal ride gathers 50 cyclists, then it’s a big deal and a good indicator that there is something more than just riding bikes, which is true companionship. It is also proof that for a positive story, there are no borders,” proudly says VeloArt President Milan Obradović.

“I am proud of the rising numbers of cycling lovers, our attempts to bring cycling closer to people through humanitarian events and informal gatherings is starting to show results. To undertake longer rides a better physical form is needed, but recreational cycling is not strenuous and when combined with meeting people, it becomes a pleasure,” Kotrljaneri president Darko Marschhauser pointed out.

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