Plenković: Petrov Should First Prove Himself to Me

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HDZ president reacts to recent statements by MOST leader Božo Petrov.

HDZ president Andrej Plenković said on Wednesday that MOST president Božo Petrov should prove himself to him, reports on September 7, 2016.

“Petrov should first prove himself to me. HDZ will be the party that will surely hold the largest number of individual seats in Parliament, and I am confident that we will be the relative winner of the elections”, said Plenković to reporters, asked to comment on Petrov’s recent statement that Plenković “must first prove himself”. Plenković added that MOST had “a blank sheet for future cooperation”.

Plenković said that it was obvious that Petrov and SDP president Zoran Milanović have not yet understood his radical transformation of HDZ with the aim of improving the welfare and future of Croatia, which could clearly be seen by his associates and party members. He added that today he presented to trade unions the HDZ manifesto which was developed on a scientific basis and which will be the platform for negotiations after the election.

Asked about recent media reports about diplomatic promotion for as many as 270 employees of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Plenković said that he was confident that everything had been done according to the law. He added that the entire process included the requirements from the regulations which existed in the Ministry.

Plenković added that, as far as he knew, diplomatic promotions during the former SDP’s government moved very slowly and that a large number of people were waiting for their promotion. “These are early parliamentary elections and I assume that it is a completion of a process which has been going on for a long time”, said Plenković.

Asked whether he believed that Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić was using his position for the purpose of election campaign, Plenković said that the Mayor had been part of Croatian politics for a long time and had his own distinctive style. Plenković added that it was up to the Ethics Committee to assess whether someone was using their current post in a manner which was acceptable or not.

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