Todorić Claims Agrokor is Managed by Private Interests of Dalić and Ramljak

Lauren Simmonds

Todorić cyber-tackles his favourite usual suspects, Deputy PM Martina Dalić and Agrokor’s Extraordinary Commissioner, Ante Ramljak.

Blogger Ivica ended 2017 with a blog aimed at two people he most dearly loves to sling mud at, Martina Dalić and Ante Ramljak. Both government figures who have been among the most frequently attacked and accused by the former Agrokor boss from an undoubtedly very comfortable London residence. 

According to Ivica Todorić, Martina Dalić, aside from allegedly threatening him and his family in the early hours of the morning during March 2017, also wants to see Agrokor’s values slashed to next to nothing and the company ruined for her own material gain. Government appointed extraordinary commissioner, Ante Ramljak, is allegedly up to the same tactics, at least in Todorić’s eyes.

As usual, we bring you Ivica Todorić’s blog post, written on the 31st of December, 2017, translated into English below:

”I signed Lex Agrokor under threats, blackmail, and intimidating media pressure. The dirtiest campaign in modern Croatian history has been directed against me and my associates, the aim of which was to hijack and take private property to pieces, and to pass Agrokor into the hands of predetermined players and their international and domestic partners. Just one day before I was compelled to sign Lex [Agrokor], the government at Agrokor sent in the police as a final form of pressure, for no reason whatsoever.

Today, my then statement that all that I’ve created is in the hands of the Republic of Croatia and the Croatian people is being misused and rudely manipulated. I wouldn’t have anything against Agrokor, as I then said, being the value of the Croatian people and of our homeland. But it isn’t – these values ​​under the manipulations of Martina Dalić and Ante Ramljak, and with the plentiful support of Prime Minister Plenković, have been handed over to the hands of the American Knighthead (fund), into the hands of people who, with their criminal acts, have damaged (harmed, broken) Agrokor and have already misappropriated hundreds of millions of euros from Croatia. I’ve filed a criminal charge against these people, who are steeped in the biggest crime in modern Croatia, and Lex [Agrokor]’s unconstitutionality was fully explained in my proposal for a review which I submitted to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia.

Alongside legal, accounting and auditing experts, I’m preparing new lawsuits that I’ll bring before domestic and international institutions in order to fully expose all those who’ve been engaged in dishonest acts and with unconstitutionally hijacked private values ​​and with hundreds of millions of Agrokor’s kuna filling their own pockets.”


Ivica Todorić’s blog post translated in full from


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