Todorić: ”Ramljak’s Criminal Scenario”

Lauren Simmonds

‘Tis the season to by jolly, unless you’re Agrokor’s ex boss.

The festive season may still be in full swing, but that doesn’t take the light away what Ivica Todorić sees as Ante Ramljak’s dodgy dealings in Agrokor on the 23rd of December, 2017…

As usual, we bring you Ivica Todorić’s latest blog post translated into English in full below:


”Three months ago, through fourteen points, I warned very precisely of the sequence of actions [undertaken by] [Ante] Ramljak and Minister [Martina] Dalić specifically aimed at undermining Agrokor in order to ultimately surrender it for next to nothing (cheaply) to predetermined players.

Everything is going exactly according to the criminal scenario that I’ve clearly warned about (14 steps of robbery). Unfortunately, the institutions of the legal state, as well as the government, are doing nothing to prevent this obvious crime and unacceptable favouring (preferential treatment) of individuals and interest groups.

While Agrokor’s financial statements for the years 2015 and 2016 have been prepared based on the assumption of unlimited business, they are in fact designed to offset the write-offs, the impairment of assets and negative assumptions to correspond with the liquidation balance. Looking at the auditor’s opinion, it’s apparent that PWC refused to confirm Ramljak’s loss of 18 billion kuna, and this best describes the fact that the entire financial management report doesn’t correspond to the actual state of affairs. These fictitious figures, which are simple falsifications, are, as I have foreseen, being used by Ramljak to force creditors into a disastrous settlement in which they’d have to give up most of their claims.

Ramljak is, completely and very consciously, ignoring the tremendous value that lies in Agrokor’s continued operation. It’s quite clear that Ramljak has created hidden reserves that will activate when Agrokor’s ownership is handed over into the hands of his players, and so, with the misappropriation of other money (money not belonging to him), a successful business will be presented. This whole criminal operation was set up with the aim of vulturous funds (companies) taking away money, [misappropriating it] in oases far away from Croatia.

The damages to the Croatian economy are already catastrophic and irreparable, and the responsibility for the collapse of Agrokor’s value ​​lies solely with the government, which is doing nothing to stop the already frightening crime in which it is apparently very active and involved.”


Ivica Todorić’s blog translated in full from


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